Analyse workout

Hi, hope someone can provide some assistance with this.

After I’ve done a workout via my iPhone it says analyse workout so I click and it takes me to the TrainerRoad webpage where I log in.
Although it shows all the intervals and their data when you click on one of the intervals it also lights up highlighting where it is on the workout.
What I want to know is: Is it possible to show the recovery intervals also? or is that not a feature. Reason being my turbo ( Tacx Flow Smart) very often does not let go of the target power for the interval previous so I cannot get the recovery I am supposed to do in the recovery intervals. Sometimes it can take nearly all of the recovery interval until it lets go of the previous power target ie. interval was 230 watts and recovery was 77 watts and recovery interval supposed to last 3 minutes but it may have ticked down to 30 seconds before the turbo allows me to peddle at 77 watts, ruining the recovery.
So i just wanted to look at what power, cadence etc I was actually doing on the recovery valleys as opposed to what I was supposed to doing. I am not stopping peddling as soon as the interval is over although I have experimented temporarily stopping peddling then starting again to see if that helps the turbo/software realise that I’m now supposed to be doing lesss wattage. This occasional works but consistently.

It’s not possible to look at them as a whole block.
On the computer you can slide over the recovery block with the cursor and see the current data.

On the website you can add custom intervals as well as select areas of the workout and see the average power for those segments


Yup, not setup to do recovery intervals by default.

But you can do quick analysis via the zoom sliders, and then you can save them if desired, for easy reference again.

Yes thanks all. I thought as much but it was more than a possibility that I had/hadn’t ticked something :joy:.
I realise it’s not something most people would want to look at/analyse!
Probably should try and figure out what’s causing the turbo/software to not let go of the previous watt target so often. Oddly enough it has only started doing this since around August when I got a pair of Garmin Vector 3 powermeter pedals which are now paired up using powermatch so I can get some consistency indoors and outdoors. None of this happened when I was just using the Tacx to get a power reading.?


Thanks Chad.
Just read that thread. All of it. Long read :joy:. Much tinkering (science/experimenting) going to have to be done.
It’s all very frustrating as last ramp test i kept my cadence at, i think 97 constantly only 1 or two rpm difference and after step 12 the difference between target and actual power just kept getting wider and wider, 20 watts then 30 watts then by the time it got to 70 watts and wouldn’t let me get anywhere near my target I’d had enough and gave up :disappointed:

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Depending on the trainer and your gearing, it’s possible you reached the ceiling of the trainer resistance unit.

Some need faster or slower gearing to reach some wattage. I am thinking that your Flow may have hit that limit. It is a more restrictive trainer due to its price point, and that may be an issue.

You should experiment at the wattage range and see if different gearing can improve your results.

:bulb: you might be onto something there chad. Generally I use the little ring. I’ll use the big ring next time I want higher watts and see what happens. Can’t keep doing the same thing and hoping something I get a different result :+1:

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Good luck. I hope you find a solution.

Cheers :+1: