Exclude ride from 'season power chart' [Feature Request]

It would be great if when viewing your power curve for a ride compared to a season that it doesn’t include that ride in the season. Would like to be able to see by how much a new pr was set.


Set up a custom season that ended the day before the ride and you can see that :+1:

That is what I’ve been doing, but it gets old, constantly having to redo it for what ever workout I’m reviewing.


I made this kind of feature request slightly over year ago to support. Got this reply:

Thanks for getting in touch with TrainerRoad Support! This is a great idea.

Currently, we are focusing on completing a total rework of all of our apps. This project is our highest priority at the moment, so lower priority tasks will take a bit longer to complete.

I can’t make any guarantees that this will be implemented, but I have gone ahead and passed this along to our Product Management team. :slight_smile:

This has been bumped to the team! Apologies that it takes a while for requests to get on the roadmap, this thread will help us gauge interest, though! :+1:

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