[Feature Request] Personal Record curve for selected interval

On the website, would it be possible to show the Personal Record graph (the power curve) for the highlighted interval data when one is selected, please?

For comparison, the Power Zones table does update dynamically.

Hi there, is this different data than what you see when you select an interval time in PR and compare ‘All Time’? (Pictured below)

You’re saying you’d just like to see that when analyzing individual workouts by being able to select an interval and compare? Like a shortcut? Let me know!

Hi @IvyAudrain…when clicking Details and then looking in the “All time” view for 3min I see

  • 9 progressions of my 3min all time bests up to that according date
  • but not the list of my 9 overall best workouts for 3min times.

Hope you understand the difference.

So you see something like

  • …300 (year 2015), 310 (2016), 330 (2018), 380 (2019).
  • and not …360 (2020), 370 (2021), 380 (2019).
    => because even though 360 from 2020 and 370 from 2021 might be in your 9 best efforts, these are not better than the 380 which were already achieved before in 2019.

There are reasons for both variants.

But I would strongly suggest to add the second view (which I expected to see at first and was a bit confused to see something different) :pray::fist:!!


Hi @IvyAudrain,

My analogue is the Power Zones table below, or the interval data to the right of the workout graph. When a specific interval or time range is selected in the workout graph (at the very top of the page), all other metrics on the entire page are then filtered on that data - as if the workout were just this section. Currently, the Power Curve is the only thing which doesn’t filter on that subset of data.

Adding this feature would mean that you could select one lap of a race, for example, and see the best 1-min, 3-min, 5-min etc. power for that lap only, as opposed to the best power for the entire race/workout/ride.


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Seconding @Rizzi’s request here too.

The current Personal Records details is ‘x-min Best Power Progression’ rather than ‘Top x-min Powers’. The progression is useful as it is a generalisation to any duration of the current FTP History feature in the Account page. @Rizzi’s Top x-min Powers feature would be useful to add in order to see how frequently you’re hitting numbers close to your best, and in what sorts of workouts or races.

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GOT IT! Thanks for chipping in, all. Will pass along to the team for consideration, I can see how this would be a useful tool, but not sure if/when it would get on the roadmap. I’ll certainly update you if it does! Cheers!

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Just checking that you’ve got both requests here: my original one, and Rizzi’s Top x-min Powers one.


Jeep, thanks. The more I think of it the more puzzling it gets:

If I set my best 3min power 10 years ago I won’t see anything after that any more. Even if I set second/third/forth/fifth/… best 3min power in those last 10 years. The chart becomes a bit useless for older/aging athletes. That doesn’t make sense especially as the Header is “All time” for Personal Records.

I see that a workaround would be to look up that dialog for a desired season and then go through the list in the “weekly” tab.

Dialog definitely needs a bit of enhancement and polish.

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