Every other day

I try to workout every day for at least an hour. I alternate between cycling and running. So I run every other day around a hour between 5-9 miles no interval just a steady pace with f 8:30 per mile. Zone 3. I try to average over 20 miles per week. I have kept to the low volume plans. I am currently on the low volume sustained build plan So I moved the trainer road plan to every other day versus the 3x per week. Is this a bad idea or should I just keep to 3x per week and add a below fro spin out as the extra ride. I am trying to build FTP and get faster while keeping my running endurance.

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Try it and see how you go.

Me personally the LV plan is about all I can handle.
Nate seems to do a high intensity workout every day.

So don’t dig yourself into a hole with upping the amount you’re doing.
I would recommend completing one LV, normally 4 weeks or 6 weeks, then try a MV for about the same time.

Enjoy the training. TrainerRoad is superb.

I’ve been adding an extra workout on day 2 during LV Base.
Starting build on Monday, let’s see how that goes