First plan ever

I’ve been a TrainerRoad user for 4+ years and never had the discipline to set up a plan and actually stick to it for more than 2 workouts. Usuall I just do one off if it’s raining or I don’t want to venture outside. I hit a plateau in FTP long ago (~3.4w/kg @45 yo).

Finally, I’ve followed SS base II mid volume for 2 weeks (completed every second of every workout at set power level). This is my third week and my legs are really cooked, even after Monday rest day. I think this thing is going to work (next FTP test will tell) but I’m feeling confident for 3rd week completion of intervals…especially the over/unders! Oh the pain!


Welcome to the forum - is SSBIIMV your first time doing five sessions per week?

You can do it :slight_smile: Make sure youre furlling and resting, and turn down the intensity if you feel cooked. Its more important to be ready for the next workout than to squeeze out every last watt :slight_smile:


I usually ride 3-5 days per week but very unstructured/inconsistent. 400TSS per week seems to be higher than normal for me.

Thanks for the advice and motivation! I can imagine going through the entire base /build indoors would be so hard mentally and physically but make that FTP go through the roof.


@ntwilson I’ve been in the same boat and I’m now into week 10. Looking back on my stats, I’ve hit PB’s across all of my power curve and have the best fitness and FTP since I started riding bikes in 2016.

Keep going - I found things got easier towards the end of the training block. Probably due to becoming used to the structure more than anything. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s awesome! And very encouraging as well. Congrats one the new PRs.

I finished bluebell yesterday and now have 3 more hard workouts before the rest week, which I’m really looking forward to.


As your legs get more conditioned over time, you may find that the correlation between soreness and potential performance begins to disappear. That is, your legs could feel dead in the morning, but 45 minutes into your ride, you could be hitting power PRs.

So don’t let your mind sabotage your ride before you hop on the bike. Sometimes you will hop on and within 10-15 minutes, have to call it quits. That’s okay too, but you won’t really know until you’re there.


This is great advice. I often find my heart rate and RPE are higher in early intervals and things get easier.


I just finished the 3 weeks of workouts. I did back pedal for 20 seconds on Carpathian peak +2 but still… thanks everyone for your advice and encouragement! This is a great forum and resource.