ERG ramp test values too low

Fair. I read that my specific trainer (STAC Halcyon) needs the highest gearing for best performance. I incorrectly assume that was the case for most trainers on ERG mode.

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not all trainer are the same, the flux is “known” for the limited power bandwidth.
On my Kickr Core, I haven’t experienced this, but maybe my power is not great enough :wink:

All trainers have a minimum power (“floor”) and max power (“ceiling”) at a given spindle speed. For many devices, these limits are wide enough that you don’t have to worry about shifting gears; for others, either limits (or both) can easily be reached, the floor being the most common. On a Tacx Flux, it’s not uncommon to be forced to shift down so the test can start at its low point, and then shift up as the power goes up to avoid the issue the OP experienced.

I’ve done 2 ramp test this week, on both occasions I’ve had issues hitting the power targets in the final few steps.

I’m using a Tacx Flux S in erg mode, with small (34t) chainring and middle of cassette (19/21t?) at the back. This is my set up for all TR workouts.

Once I get to the final steps the trainer can not hold the power target, my cadence is still around 90-95 and there’s definitely something left in the tank, but I can’t get it to hold much above 440w. It’s as if I’ve hit a resistance ceiling? any ideas?

try shifting, the flux indeed has a narrow power bandwidth.

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You won’t get above 440W on a Flux S on 34/19 unless your cadence is extremely high. Shift.

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Have you tried it in resistance mode. Also your trainer might not be the best. I have a KK trainer and sometimes it feels too easy, Other times it tightens up and I`m doing over unders and suddenly Im in zone 7 and pedalling squares. Put it into resistance mode and it felt a bit harder than it should ,but probably more realistic.It would be worth consulting TR about this. Much more likely to be a software/hardware issue than you. If you are experienced you should know your RPE for Sweetspot etc. Erg mode is weird! Just woner how accurate it is, or can you “cheat” by spinning it up?

No, there is no “cheating” in ERG mode. IMO, it can offer a more challenging workout than Resistance in some ways, but that is very subjective and others feel quite the opposite.

Thanks Chad, I think my trainer may be the problem. It doesnt do it every time, but this time I changed it to resistance mode and I think I was having to concentrate harder to keep the watts under control. When erg mode works well on my trainer I must admit, its nice to pedal and the watts are bang on target

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