Power creeping up in erg mode

Before I begin, I realise this may be a trainer issue, but I wanted to know if anyone else had this problem.

During last night’s workout, I found that the power I was putting out when using erg mode would creep up. For example, the workout would have 215 as the set power, but on looking at the app (as I was finding it a bit harder than expected) saw that I was riding at ~230w, and the power level would not right itself without me changing gears. After a while, the problem would recur in the lower gear: I’d see the power gradually creep up over 3-5 minutes.

I ended up completing the workout in resistance mode.

For reference, the problem has only occurred after updating the TR iPhone app, and I’m using an Elite suito powermatched with Assioma Duo. I was riding (or trying to) in the middle of the block in the big ring (as usual).

It may also be worth noting that for the past few weeks I’ve had experiences with occasional dropouts, where the trainer suddenly loses resistance, only to right itself in a few seconds. This happens only in TR, not during free rides in Zwift.

Any similar experiences, or suggestions, especially with regard to erg mode?

Many thanks

Here are some screenshots which maybe clarify the problem.

The screenshot of the whole workout shows the pattern of dropouts and generally not smooth power. The 2 close ups show the increasing power, sometimes preceded by a dropout.

Ive ditched ERG with the Suito, it would do weird things like that or start at too low a resistance then clobber me to catch up, another problem sometimes it would hang at a really high resistance when the work out has moved onto a recovery. I do all my work in resistance mode now or in the virtual world with having RGT control the trainer. I think there’s still a bit of fluctuation sometimes but its less of a problem.

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Maybe check with support they can see if for instance you are having connection dropouts

It’s a documented issue with the Suito, being quite inaccurate, especially as power output increases.
I recently had a double-sided Quarq power meter from Sram installed and have TR matching it. Now riding is accurate and consistent.

I would not buy the Suito again.

That’s quite interesting. When I ride on Zwift, and hence use the Suito as the PM, effectively, I know I have to raise my ‘effective’ watts by not quite 10% to get the same HR as I’ll get with my Assiomas.

I think I need a new trainer!

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I’m not rushing out to buy a new trainer at the moment as I quite like the Suito’s compactness/ portability but when it eventually fails I won’t be rushing out either to replace it with another Elite trainer either. I’ve not got anything to compare it to but from all accounts their power management is terrible.

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No, I’ll nurse it till it dies (not least as I’ve used all of the agreed ‘bike budget’ for the next few months :slight_smile: ), but will keep an eye out for good deals, especially as summer comes round and demand drops off.


Im waiting for a good deal on the Kicker v6.