New ERG mode - power often below/above target

Hi all,

When using the new ERG mode in the Desktop Trainerroad app, with Power Match and Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedals, and a Tacx Flux 2, my power is often above or below the target. Strangely, it depends on the power range I’m in. Sometimes it goes fine, sometimes I’m consistently below, sometimes above. Shifting gears often works to allow me to be on target. It feels like the Power Match, ERG mode works in discrete steps with my gear?

By the way it is not because the trainer has a upper/lower limit on resistance because the effect is often in the other direction.

The legacy mode in the Desktop app has more fluctuation, but if I focus on cadence I can get my power right on the target power in all cases.

Anyone else noticed problems with the new ERG mode with Power Match?

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Maarten Tavernier

The team can take a look at your internal ride log to see what’s up!
It may be related to your power meter or smart trainer as well, but they’ll be able to isolate the cause and mitigate these occurrences. Pros. :sunglasses:

If I am in the big ring the power is often constantly above the ERG target; at low power significantly so. In the small ring it’s closer to the target and will just about average it with just minor fluctuations above and below.

Thank you for your reply.
I will contact them. How do I retrieve the internal ride log?

The internal ride log is what the team can access from the admin side!

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