ERG Mode On or Off Button Please, Mobile App (Feature Request)

Ok, so with all the talk of leaning into the abyss etc, I tried a workout on Zwift.

It was ok but 1 feature is what I have been missing since changing from computrainer to kickr.

It has 1 button to turn erg on and off on the companion app. So its easily accessible.
Why do I need to dig levels deep and have choices like resistance or slope and percentage of when all I want to do is push 1 button and stand for 30 seconds and then push 1 button to turn erg on again?

Is this something TR can or will add please?



:point_up: I AGREE! Instructions tell me to turn off ERG mode for sprints but I have to go four layers deep and pause the workout just to do so. It’s not practical.


Which version of the app are you using? The PC app has this already (m key) but assuming the others do not?


I use the m key when on PC but its still not as accessible and I need to dial up the percentage. (yes I can do that before starting the workout but why) And the m key still toggles all 3 options not just on or off.

It’s a poor work around in my opinion. And as you stated theres nothing like this on IOS. its deep.



We have discussed this in various threads. I think TR is planning to consider this during the current rework that is going on in the background.

@Bryce, can you make sure this is at least in the active request list? Thanks. :smiley:




What about also letting users set a default number for standard mode like setting “3” as default so when toggling there is less fiddling with the resistance. Maybe every user can set their own preference in the settings?


And what quick key shortcut do you use on the phone?
(Yes I know you can find the settings many clicks in)

We mentioned this, and Nate had Pete add a default setting into the programming. He said it will likely be set according to the specific trainer paired, but that is not a settled detail. They will add some level of resistance one way or another.


There is no shortcut on the mobile app (or Mac) right now.

Those are added to the Feature Request list and we are waiting to have them added with some future update.


The most helpful thing right now with at least the Mac app (other than the shortcut keys!) would be that the resistance percentage wouldn’t reset after switching to erg mode for a few minutes. It’s just so many more steps to get the right percentage again every time.


OK, then, plus 1! A little button like the “extend cooldown” button that toggles back and forth between erg and resist… and maybe changes color… would be perfect.


It’s about a year later. How’s the feature request going?

My main TrainerRoad appliance is an iPad. Plenty of screen space there.

As a UI suggestion - in the workout screen, at the bottom left where usually it says 100%, where it pops up the - and + screen that lets you adjust overall workout difficulty - would be nice to add an erg mode toggle there.

It seems it’d be nice to have a toggle between erg mode and resistance mode - except resistance mode should start exactly where erg left it this time, rather than some other stored setting. What are some of the other choices the TR team have considered? Is there a more active thread on this topic?


Hey there!

This is still a feature that we are very interested in bringing to the mobile apps in the future, but its development is not currently scheduled at this time. Our Developers have been hard at work on a complete top-to-bottom overhaul of the applications, which should make improvements and new features easier to implement in the future.

We appreciate your patience with this, and we have not forgotten the importance of this feature :+1:.


I dislike hot keys, unless it is left up at the top of the work out or something.

Another year has passed… Any news on this?

I like raylo’s suggestion, and agree with sklibanov, there’s plenty space on an iPad.

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This feature is available for iOS and Android beta!


Hi - I’ve read there is a way to disable erg mode on the Mac / PC versions of Trainerroad, but I can’t find an equivalent on the iOS app. It’s probably staring me in the face, but I can’t see it! Any help would be appreciated. Would like to try some of the sprint workouts, but erg mode can’t keep up when the intervals are so short.

Thanks in advance

Sadly, for mobile,

  1. you have to load the Devices, then
  2. open the trainer, then
  3. change the mode, then
  4. exit back to the workout, for the change to take effect.

We have an open Feature Request to make this easier.


Thanks Chad - that does sound like a bit of a faff! At least I know it wasn’t me missing something obvious. Appreciate you getting it in the queue for feature requests.


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