Feature request - pause to resistance mode

Just getting into riding with erg mode on some longer tempo kinds of workouts and am having a minor issue. In erg mode the trainer doesn’t provide enough resistance to stand to stretch and rest my butt like I can do in resistance mode. In the past riding on my fluid trainer… or on long flat real bike rides… it was easy during rest intervals to just shift to the big ring/small cog and do a couple of minutes standing at low cadence to take a load off and stretch. It would be nice if TR could put a button on the workout screen that when pressed would swap to resistance mode at a preset resistance then when pressed again toggle back to erg. Or I guess I could ride these workouts in resistance mode where I have that kind of control. What do you guys do?

  • I still use the same shifting technique (small to big, or 2-3 rear shifts) on ERG. Done it for years with great success.

  • Give it a shot and it makes it super easy with no need to wait on TR for a complicated fix.


@mcneese.chad gave the answer on how to do the “rear end rest” by shifting - as for the “switch to resistance at preset level”, part of that is done (resistance mode remembers your last setting unless I’m mistaken), and part of that (a single button to change mode on platforms other than Win10 and MacOS) is a frequently-made and quite legitimate request.

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The problem is that in erg mode on a 100W recovery interval if you shift to big ring/small cog the trainer tries to keep it at 100 W so there still isn’t enough resistance to hold your weight. Yes, I know I could pause the workout go to devices and select resistance mode… but then I might as well just get off the bike and stretch.

While I don’t have the same reasons as the OP, I’d like to second the request for a way to quickly click/tap into or out of erg mode.

There are just some times when I find resistance mode works best for me, such as during sets of very short, intense intervals (e.g. 30/30s). It would be nice to be able to quickly pop into resistance mode for these sets, then back back to erg mode for the longer intervals.

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If you press “m” on the keyboard it switches between erg and resistance mode

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I don’t have a keyboard. I use an iPad 4 Mini. Need a touchscreen button.

Good to know! Is there a similar shortcut for the touch screen version (iPad)?

We have an existing request for an easier/faster way to access trainer modes on mobile. Please “+1” to add your “vote” for that request, if you want that feature.