Temporarily override erg mode - an option?

Been using TR for 3 years now, and recently went from a KRM to a Neo v1 (using iPhone app mirrored to apple tv). Loving the erg mode feature.
However, when doing sessions like Baxter/Colosseum, I need to get out of the saddle every 20mins to take some pressure of my arse, for 30-60 seconds. Given the lower wattage targets of these endurance workouts, standing up is tricky at those levels.

Is there a way to momentarily switch to another mode(on the iPhone app, without pausing the workout), so I can kick the wattage up whilst I stand for a brief period? Would be handy for a few short stomps to break things up a bit - something that was easy to do on my dumb trainer.

I have seen the comments on using gearing to pre-empt a “stomp” and sort of trick the trainer. However, if there was enough call for a feature like this could it be added?
I’m thinking 1 or 2 on-screen buttons that have pre-assigned wattage/durations, that when pressed, cause the trainer to override the current interval activity with the prescribed wattage/duration e.g. 45 seconds at 450watts, or something higher for a sprint - 20sec @ 1200watts.

  1. Here is my recommendation for how to handle standing efforts on the trainer in ERG and Resistance modes.

  2. It is possible to switch modes between Resistance and ERG. But it is a hassle on the mobile app. You have to open the Devices manager, open the trainer, switch modes, then return via “backs” to get into the workout again. Essentially it is so painful that I don’t recommend it. Desktop app is much quicker since the ‘M’ key is a keyboard shortcut that takes a moment to toggle.

So, to reiterate, us my shifting trick and you will likely have all that you need.


I would love to see a erg to standard mode toggle button on the main IOS screen. This is not something that should be 3+ clicks away.


It has been mentioned multiple times in threads (but I don’t see a dedicated Feature Request thread right now) and I have mentioned it directly to the TR team.

The answer I got was that there is limited space on mobile. I do think a shorter path is necessary, or they need other ways to handle the reasons we need this control (sprints and other desire to swap modes quickly).

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Here is one thread discussion:

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As the mobile app is already “swipe” enabled to get workout stats then perhaps another swipe to get quick control modes would work. Or a toggle when tapping the workout %. I get TR want a clean app but there are definitely solutions to this @Nate_Pearson @Bryce

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Could you increase the % intensity temporarily and bring it down without leaving ERG mode?

Thanks for the reply Chad. Because of the limited space on the mobile app, perhaps my power field could double as an erg on/off toggle button. It would seem the logical place to have it.

My scenario would be as in doing a 2 hour Baxter session, and needing to get my bum out the saddle for 60secs to get the pressure off, and it can be nice to open the legs up to a short power surge to break things up a bit. So I’d then just tap on my power field to deactivate erg, then I’m free to change gears and up the resistance (slope-style) whilst I stand for a bit, or even just crank things up for 60sec to a higher FTP%.

It could be set up so that when erg is off, my power readout could change to red text, then switch back to white when I re-activate erg mode. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking during my little foray, and when I re-enter erg mode, I continue on with the prescribed power set by the app.

Just a thought.

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That’s when you need to use the shifting trick I shared. Have you tried it?

If you do, you won’t need an ERG mode switch for that purpose at all.

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Once we complete the overhaul of the Desktop App, we will be turning attention towards improving the Mobile App. We will absolutely take these considerations into account when we begin that project :+1:.


Another vote for this toggle feature please.

A ERG/RES toggle could easily be included as part of the pop up screen when intensity is being adjusted.


Wondering if this is still on the TR development radar?

FYI, TR mapped the “M” key to the microphone when they released Group Workouts. “T” now changes trainer mode. I made this mistake a little while ago and couldn’t figure out why I was still in erg.

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We’re working hard on the updated mobile application, and it will bring with it a host of upgrades. The new code base will allow us to be much more flexible and integrate improvements much more quickly :+1:.

This feature is certainly still on our radar, but it may not make that initial release.


Cheers Bryce, coming at you live from a workout :wink:

Using the Mac when I really want to toggle but having it on the phone would be ace at some point