Disabling erg mode in the mobile app

Hi - I’ve read there is a way to disable erg mode on the Mac / PC versions of Trainerroad, but I can’t find an equivalent on the iOS app. It’s probably staring me in the face, but I can’t see it! Any help would be appreciated. Would like to try some of the sprint workouts, but erg mode can’t keep up when the intervals are so short.

Thanks in advance

Sadly, for mobile,

  1. you have to load the Devices, then
  2. open the trainer, then
  3. change the mode, then
  4. exit back to the workout, for the change to take effect.

We have an open Feature Request to make this easier.


Thanks Chad - that does sound like a bit of a faff! At least I know it wasn’t me missing something obvious. Appreciate you getting it in the queue for feature requests.


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I was thinking to use the TrainerRoad logo on the top of the mobile app to toggle between the modes. when it’s all white like it is today it’s say ERG mode. When you tap it the “Trainer” part of the logo turns red and it’s now in resistance mode. Click get and it’s all white, ERG mode. Also keeps the app UI unchanged and the Red/White color theme we have come to love.

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I like that idea! I worry that it may be hard to find for those who don’t know where to look, but I will pass your suggestion onto the team :slight_smile:

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