Question about Goddard

I’m scheduled to do Goddard tomorrow and I have two questions.

First yoou need to know Im working out in ERG mode… On a vortex

But one this particular workout I wonder how you guys manage it.

  1. The 30 seconds ramp up at VO2max… They’re supposed to be form sprints. However when I do forms sprins eg very high cadence… My power output goes way above target. During the initial seconds I spin off the saddle at range varying between 150-170 RPMs which I can’t sustain for more than 5-10 seconds. And then back off on the saddle at around 120-130 RPMs for the remainder. But my intitial surge gets my power to around 250w while I should do only 136w to 153w.

How do you manage it? and secondary does it affects my workout?

  1. For the ITL I can do it at the prescribed wattage around 80-85 rpm but not for the full duration of the interval. Probably for half of it. I read on another thread the the prescribed wattage should be halved to account for a simple leg. Should I disable the ERG for this part?

If so is there a keyboard shortcut to do this?


Any time you do form sprints your power will spike as you accelerate the flywheel. I think it’s just the way it goes. This will be minimized if you use a low gear as the absolute acceleration of the flywheel is reduced significantly…

I do all my workouts in ERG mode and have learned to spin up on the VO2 max intervals without overdoing the cadence (keep it around 8-10 rpms higher). Works out much better if you keep your cadence under control. Good luck.

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Really wish there was a way to do this quickly on mobile without going pausing the workout and going into into your sensor settings.


We have an open Feature Request for it submitted.

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Any update on this feature request?

Nothing to confirm other than they have the request: