Turn off ERG mode on TrainerRoad


Can anyone here please help me on ERG mode. How do I turn it OFF on android app or windows laptop ?

On windows press the M key during a workout to switch to resistance mode.


Find your trainer in the devices menu and they will be an option for erg / resistance

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Would be nice to have the ability to switch erg on/off while in a workout


I agree it would be nice during some of Chad’s drills.

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There is an open Feature Request to add an easier switch for the mobile app.


How does one turn it off on an IPAD? Asking for a friend.

Open the Devices, and your Trainer. The mode options are on that screen.

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Do you know if this works on Mac OS?

It used to, then went away, and may be back with the most recent desktop release, but I don’t have iOS to test it.

The shortcuts are live on the latest Mac and Windows apps :+1:.


Thanks everyone for guiding.

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Is it enabled on the Commodore app?

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