Equipment Usage Tracking Feature Request Similar to Seasons

I think it would be helpful to have a feature (similar to seasons) but for your gear to keep track of how long you’ve used it and how many miles on each piece. Specifically, I think this would be helpful for keeping up with the miles that I put on my running shoes as I train towards triathlon events and know when I need to replace them.

This could also work for keeping up with the miles you put on a bike/wheels/etc…

Would anyone else find this helpful?

I find it useful in Strava. But given that you can already get it on Strava without having to pay, I’m not sure it would be a priority for me in TR. Would prefer they prioritise giving us features that you would otherwise have to have a paid account to get access to in other platforms like Strava or TP.

Specifically for running, I think TR’s priority should be pulling in run (and swim) workouts automatically from Garmin, Strava or wherever, rather than having to enter them manually. Followed by having a decent pace- or HR-based TSS estimator for runs. Which would then enable the performance management chart to be filtered to show run only, bike only, or both. EDIT: I know there’s another thread on this already, not looking to start that conversation again here, just noting that tracking shoe mileage doesn’t seem like it should be top of the list of new running features!

It’s already been done links to strava and alerts you when bike components need maintenance, I am sure there is one that could track when your trainers a due to be replaced.