Running and TR integration

Whilst I completely get that TR is focussed on making us faster cyclists and that is its USP, I find it frustrating that my runs are not imported and are not used to track ‘fitness and freshness.’ I am finding that many of the features of TR are not compatible with me as a cyclist/runner. I love the workouts, library and the app. I guess I’m in the minority but the only thing that keeps me subscribing is the workout library. I end up being ‘self coached’ because the plans are not adaptable to allow for runs and I use other software to track fatigue. I end up creating my own plans.

I have no idea if runs will ever be automatically accounted for in this software but I do think there will come a day when I will have to switch to software that is more designed for multisport/triathletes.

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Thanks. I haven’t read the whole thread - I’ve read the final 30 or so posts - I’m guessing from the original post back in 2018 nothing has been done to accommodate runs? If so this is such a shame.

Given the focus on Adaptive Training I would definitely say that there hasnt been the bandwidth within the company to do it.

Most triathletes arent holding their breath on any sort of movement any time soon and either make the best of the situation or just decide to move on.

The thread linked above is the right place for this discussion.

I am closing this thread to prevent overlap and duplication.