Entering Build LV after Traditional Base LV?

Hello all :slight_smile:

This will be my first attempt to Base -> Build -> Specialty phase.
I’m just wondering if I’ll be able to go into Build LV after completing Traditional Base LV?
When I’m looking at SSB LV there is a lot of threshold and VO2 work.
I can see that TBLV part 3 contains some threshold work and sweet spot work but not as much.

Maybe after completing TB LV, I should do SSB2 before going into build?
Someone else tried TB LV and maybe has thoughts if Build LV is manageable after that?


Which Build Phase are you looking to transition into?

Personally, I would go the SSB LVII route. Get a little threshold and VO2 under my belt. Unless you have medical or physical reasons not to train in those zones, it can only benefit you in the long term. Good luck :+1:

@PusherMan I’m looking for Sustained Power Build Low Volume.

I think I’ll go as you say, just beginning of SSB2 LV looks very intense comparing to part 3 of TBLV.

I’ll see how it will go :slight_smile:

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