Low Volume Base vs. Sustained Build

Going from Base II into Sustained Build seems like a step backwards. You swap a 1.5hr Threshold workout in Base for a 1.5hr SS. You maintain the one of each weekly work out plan (SS, Threshold, Vo2), but seem to take a step down in aggregate intensity.

Has this been discussed elsewhere? If so apologies, interested in the logic.

Edit: frankly, none of the LV build plans make sense to me. General has anerobic days but short power doesn’t? Feel like SSB II is the real build plan (as discussed here before).

There’s a lot to be said for stepping back a bit before pushing on. Look at training on a yearly basis rather than worrying about each week.

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Naturally; however, these plans have the same structure for 8 weeks. And if I were to do another base build cycle the structure is still the same. Not sure this is what you’re saying, but if build is meant to be easier, then why is it build…

I did both plans in the old versions and Sustained Power Build was certainly no walk in the park. It didn’t feel like a step back.

The plans are individual now by your progression levels if you use AT, but I think you can expect the challenge to pick up as you go along.