Elite Direto Noise

Anyone ever experience a sound like this on their Direto? Started about 2 weeks ago and is getting consistently worse. I seriously doubt it is the cassette because it started with a cassette that had been on there for months and I have since tried another cassette…same problem.

I also greased up the freehub, etc. and that also did nothing.

Any thoughts / insights appreciated. I have also e-mailed Elite and Todson (US distributor).

Can you pinpoint where it “feels” the noise is coming from.

I also have the same original Direto but it doesn’t make that noise I’m aware of. But I also use a blower fan and headphones on top of a homemade rocker plate (that makes it’s own noises) so unless it was really bad would be drowned out.

Seems like something is out of balance and now rubbing inside. Large flywheel? Resistance unit Dan or flywheel? Belt slipped or good ng bad? Hard to say but if that was my trainer which is out of warranty then I personally would be taking it apart a but to source the issue and try to fix it myself most likely.

It sounds like something is rubbing against the plastic housing, but the flywheel seems to be clear…removing the one side of the housing obviously did not help alleviate the problem!! :crazy_face:

I’ve never had to perform my own self service so far on mine so can’t say what else to look for or take apart next. Good luck and hope you find the source soon.

Took the second half of the housing off and no joy…same noise.


Do you now have access to spin things by hand? Like the large flywheel connected to the freehub or the small flywheel connected to the resistance unit…or what appears to be one as I’ve only peeked through the cooling slots on mine. That might allow you to feel what is rubbing/vibrating. Up to you on how much you want to take it apart but seems you might need to dig further (unless Elite customer service gets back to you soon on what to look out for).

Yeah, I had removed one side of the housing (as seen in the video) and then after filming that clip, I removed the other side…tried various methods to try and isolate the prigin of the sound, but without much luck.

On the good side of things, I just called Todson and they were VERY helpful. Sending them serial # and address and they will send a call tag for the unit and then replace it once they receive it at their facility in NV. Said he thought it was bad bearings or internal shaft.

Assuming they follow through, that is top-notch customer service!!

Curious how old your unit is and how much use do you get before it started to make that noise? I bought mine in 2018 (2 years ago +1 month) and don’t have a ton on hours into it (maybe a 200 or so max but haven’t keep close track).

I got mine in the late summer or fall of 2018…so ~1.5 years ago. A fair amount of use over the winter months of 2018/19 and then sat for 6 months during the summer. Definitely used a lot this winter (TBMV1-3, SSBMV2, GBMV) but nothing that should be considered extreme or unusual.

My LBS / Training center hooked me up with a Kickr to borrow for a week ot 2 while I wait for a replacement. Nice unit, but I definitely prefer the “feel” of the Direto…with the Elite, I get the sense that I am driving the flywheel and it has a more realistic road feel, IMO. The Kickr feels like I am pushing back against the resistance rather than generating it on my own (if that makes sense).

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I have the original Direto since more than 2 years. I never had any problem with it. I was thinking about getting a new smart trainer and the kickr 2018 was in my short list (with Tacx Neo 2T). I was considering the kickr for 2 raisons : nose level and road feel. Now what you said is interesting and make consider upgrading to direto X. Since you have experience of both trainers, can you explain more the difference in road feeling (ERG? Zwift?..)

That was my initial feeling after one ride in ERG mode, and relatively low intensity (Bays workout). Have not yet tried it on Zwift. Let me get a few more rides in and I’ll try and expand on it a bit…

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So my replacement Direto is out for delivery today… :raised_hands:

basically 2 weeks from when I contacted them to receiving a replacement trainer (and most of that was due to shipping time). No questions asked, no hassles, just straight up replacement after I sent them the video.

Top notch customer service from Todson.

I’ve enjoyed the KICKR I was borrowing from the LBS, but I’ll be glad to get my Direto back. The KICKR definitely locks in your power levels better, but I had come to enjoy the freedom to work at higher levels on the Direto if I wanted.

As I noted earlier, the resistance on the KICKR seemed “heavier” than the Direto. It felt like I was pushing against the resistance, while on the Direto I was spinning it or pulling it along. Not the best description perhaps, but not sure how else to describe it. That sensation was not as noticeable when just freeriding in Zwift, however. Maybe a better way of saying it is that the KICKR felt more like a Computrainer where the resistance is applied to the wheel. Dunno if that makes sense or not.

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You’re feeling the flywheel. That’s why I love the feel of the H3 so much, with it’s 20lb flywheel. That’s the one negative I have about the Neo2T. I even remarked on it once, that workouts on the Neo2T feel easier. The H3 was a noticeable increase vs my KICKR V1. The KICKR V4 was also noticeable, to me. However, between the H3 and the KICKR V4, hard to tell unless you go back to back.

Glad you got a replacement. One thing I kept thinking while I read this thread, ‘If my Direto were making that noise I’d be uncomfortable taking the cover off and spinning up the fly wheel.’ :rofl: :joy: Sounds like thing could have started falling off.

I’ve had good luck with my Direto & basically just lucked out…bought it really cheap in a bankruptcy liquidation. So if it goes bad I’m on my own.

They never asked me for any Proof of Purchase, etc. just sent them a pic of the serial # and they issued me an RA and call tag immediately.

Are you referring to just the larger flywheel for the KICKR, because the Direto has one too, just smaller. It isn’t a simulated one like the Neo.

Yes, heavier (not necessarily larger, as I don’t know which one is bigger). It is 20lbs on the H3, and about 9lbs on the Direto, IIRC. 16lbs for the KICKR V4 (2018) and 12lbs for the KICKR V1, 2, 3.

Oh, I thought you meant Todson handled the return…did you go direct to Elite? In my case, the Todson equivalent got liquidated. So I would have to go direct to Elite. ;-D I’m not optimistic about such an interaction but if you made it work that’s awesome.

Yes, Todson handled it directly…never heard from Elite (although Todson may have told them that they were handling it so no need to get involved).

Yeah, if your country’s distributor was liquidated, not certian what your options would other than going to Elite directly. Elite never bothered to set up a new distributor?

Hopefully you’ll never have to worry about it!!

I think it is 10 lbs on the Direto, but yeah…the KICKR flywheel basically splits the difference between the Direto and the H3.

Interesting because I always had the impression that a larger flywheel meant a more “road-like” feel…but IMO, the Direto felt much more like riding on the road than the KICKR.

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