Elite Direto poops out...again

For the third time in a little over 2 years, my Elite Direto has broke. First 2 times, the board fried and was easily fixed with a new board, which Elite sent free of charge, just had to wait a few weeks for the fix. But today I had a different problem and wondering if anybody else had any ideas.

So the trainer still turns on, reads power and will broadcast to apps, it just won’t change resistance. In the first 2 instances, when I plugged in the trainer, nothing would happen with the motor, the lights would light up and that was it. Normally, when plugging in, the trainer makes a whirring noise as the resistance screw/piece winds up and down as a startup. So the first 2 times, I knew something was up when it didn’t do the startup procedure. This time, it sounded like it was doing the startup, I could hear a buzzing/whirring. So I took off the side panel to get a look and got some weird behavior. Sometimes, when plugging in, it makes a buzzing sound but no motor movement. Other times, the motor does its normal startup but stops early. And other times, it starts up normally and I can use the TR app Otto put it in resistance mode and change the resistance, which makes the motor move up and down, but again, it cuts out early and stops changing the resistance. So the motor itself isn’t fully dead because sometimes it works, butt only for 20 seconds or so. But other times, it doesn’t work at all and all I get is buzzing, like it’s trying to send signal or something.

Any thoughts?

Oh the irony!

Sorry I can’t be more helpful OP. This sounds to me like a loose/dodgy connection somewhere, but beyond that, I can’t help. Good luck.

Yea, I actually posted to that thread also about the trouble I’ve had. I agree with some of his points, mainly #1, you can’t use the big ring, it’s basically unusable in ERG in the big ring. Resistance mode is fine. I’ve never had connection issues, either bluetooth or ANT. My issues have all been motor/resistance issues. I wish I could afford a new trainer, I’d love to pick up a Kickr Core. Maybe with this I can swing it.