Elite suito suddenly much noisier

Quick one -

My Elite suito suddenly seems much noisier. The noise isn’t especially different from previous, it’s just louder, with a more pronounced grrr/whirr type of sound.

Has anyone experienced this, and how did you solve it?

I must admit, the thought of the trainer being faulty and out of service while stuck in lockdown during winter is a bit depressing!

Edit: I should add I have removed, regreased and retightened the cassette and freehub and it’s made no difference.

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Have you looked at the large silver clamp on the opposite side of the cassette. It came loose on mine and the Suito made noises until I tightened it.

Thanks, but yes, it’s pretty tight

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I had the same issue. For me it helped greasing my casette, sad it didn’t help you out. Also I only ride in my small chainring at the front, because the big one makes the whole experience so much louder for me. Maybe that simple solution?

In addition to tightening the large silver clamp, there is a large nut underneath the cassette that can be tightened. This is what the Elite customer support told me to do and it definitely made things better.

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Thanks, guys. This was warrantied by Elite a little while back now.