Elite Suito Knocking Noise

A few months back I bought an Elite Suito. The first few weeks went by well and with no issues. Sadly, this now has changed and I experience a very weird and loud knocking noise. No idea where this is coming from.
Sometimes this noise appears only 10 seconds into a ride, on other occasions I might go 90min without any problems until said problem occurs again.
I already sent the unit back to the shop I purchased it from. The owner tried three different bikes with the trainer and encountered no abnormal noise.

Has anyone ever experienced similar problems? I know that the older versions of the Suito had problems with sound, newer models are said to be better regarding this aspect.
Is there any way I mounted my bike terribly wrong on the Suito? I’m by no means a mechanic yet I followed the manual correctly (there’s not much that could be done wrongly anyway) and the trainer was never damaged in any way.

A short video where the noise is quite well noticeable: https://vimeo.com/489477220


Sounds similar to the noise I was having with my Direto last April…I contacted Todson, the US distributor, and they quickly took care of it through warranty. Actually got upgraded to the Direto X.

If you are in the US, I definitely suggest calling them, not e-mail. Faster response that way.

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Did you ever find out what the problem with your first unit was?
The shop would exchange my Suito for a new one, only problem is that all the Suitos are sold out. They also offered a refund. But as there are pretty much no smart trainers in this price category available right now, I don’t think that would make sense for me.

Unfortunately I don’t live in the US.

I had an initial knocking noise which turned out to be the large silver clamp needling tightened. Although it/ or me has developed a new knocking noise. Frustratingly the trainer is quiet at low rpm/resistance but at circa 103rpm with higher resistance it starts. Unfortunately that’s my sweet spot. As it only starts then I’ve been putting it down to my cleats :thinking:

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No, I never found out what the noise was…I just sent them the video and they immediately warrantied it (even though I had the unit for over 18 months). No questions asked.

Maybe contact the distributor for your country?

I had a really similar situation with the noise and some sway in the flywheel. I tightened the large silver clamp on the non-drive side and it went away. Today, I started getting a new noise, but the clamp is still tight, so going to take the cassette off and clean it up and see if I can figure out where this new noise is coming from.

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