Whopping noise from trainer

Just wondering if someone has the same experience, and if there is a fix for it. I have a Jetblack Volt, and it is pretty silent, apart from a whop whop sound that I think must come from the flywheel. As far as my spirit level can tell, the floor is level. Anyone know if there’s a way to stop the sound? It’s not very loud, but it’s the type of sound that easily travels through walls.

Are you using a disc rear wheel? :crazy_face:

Sorry…couldn’t resist.

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Hmmm…essentially yes, a very heavy and small one (flywheel before anyone asks…). Its sort of the same sound, just less hollow.

I have the same issue, its been back twice… Did you got yours sorted?

I’ve moved the trainer to a different room and its gone. Not sure why. Think either the floor was slightly tilted, even though nothing I could see with a spirit level, or the floor was too flexible. Now it’s on a concret floor with tiles, before it was on wooden floor boards.

Thank you. Mine is in a garden office. Totally level though.

Do you have wood flooring, or a thick mat? I’ve also removed the rubber mat I had underneath it. I don’t really see how that could have caused any issues, but maybe it did?

I do have some of those interlinking rubber matts under it. Ill remove them now and try again. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for coming back to me! This has been doing me in for some time now!

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Nah, still no good. I mean, its not vibrating as much but still noisy. Im hoping 3rd time of them looking at it theyll just replace the bloody thing.

Have you tried another bike on it? Maybe its to do with how the frame sits on it?

Did you say which trainer you have? I’ve got a jetblack volt, and had to do some other modifications for other reasons.