Saris H3 noises

Blarg, trainer has started making this horrible noise:

Any other H3 units have experience with this noise?

It only happens when it’s slowing down to a stop so it’s not that annoying (relatively speaking). I’ve had this trainer for about 4 months now and have put a bunch of hours on it recently as I’m stuck at home.

I emailed Saris support but given the current conditions, I’m not expecting a speedy reply.

Mine did same thing and they sent me a new trainer. Don’t let them send you a new belt and pulley. Did nothing for me

Bummer. Sorry you had to go through that.

Did you have to send the old one in first?

I had the same problem on my Kickr V4. It could be belt/pulley, or a bearing.

they wanted to do that but i talked them into sending me one 1st. still have not returned the old one. been on lockdown here and have not been able to drop it off at fed ex

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