Effect of baking / heating Banana and apples - GI/GL up/down unchanged?

I’ve tried to search around for the answer to this and have had real trouble finding answers. A while back I was looking for healthy dessert ideas (I have a sweet tooth) and started making three ingredient cookies: mashed banana, oats and dark chocolate chips baked for 5-20 minutes. As I’ve read an learned more about Glycemic load and index I’ve wondered what the effects of mashing and baking the banana is. I also sometimes will micrwave apple and banana with some almond butter as a sort of breakfast porridge. When it’s cooked does the fiber stay intact and remain relatively low for blood sugar making it a good regular meal option, or on the other hand, does it separate it, increasing the glycemic load and making it less of an everyday food, but potentially a good on bike option. Any help understanding the science and nutrition behind this would be most appreciated! Related I wonder the same thing with fruit smoothies - if i blend up strawberries does the fiber stay intact and is there a difference between cutting with a blender and baking? - Stu

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