Carb snacks - low GI / sugar AND convenient?

As my training ramps up, I’m trying to get more good carbs into my diet throughout the day. And it occurred to me that most convenient, “grab and go” snacks (especially “healthy” cereal bars) tend to have a higher proportion of sugar in them, and most low sugar and low GI carbs (porridge, baked sweet potato, brown rice) tend to require time / crockery / a microwave etc.

Any foods that combine that kind of health and that kind of convenience? The best I could think of was oatcakes, but the plain ones really need butter and cheese, and the ones with raisins have added sugar in…

Edit: to be clear, I mean off-the-bike snacks. Keeping the carbs up without a sugar spike, but easy to grab whenever I need it at work / on the move etc.

For on the bike? just go with fast digesting carbs, the source doesn’t really matter for fueling if you can stomach them

No, off the bike. Sorry, that wasn’t clear - have edited the post.

(On the bike I’ll happily guzzle sugar all ride long)​lowglycemicfood&utm_campaign=bing

Don’t know if this is what you are looking for, it is a low glycemic (slow burning) list of foods.

Are you talking about post-ride fuel as you’re heading out the door? or just “it’s the middle of the afternoon and I’m hungry”?

Sounds like it’s the latter and I assume you’re trying to avoid the high sugar granola bar from the office snack bar. For that situation, some good options are:

  • Vegetables (peppers, carrots, celery) with some bean dip
  • Single serve greek yogurt with a banana (you can even add 1/4 cup rolled oats if you want to give it some guts)
  • An apple and a few raw almonds

Yeah my go to off the bike carbs snacks are fruit. A banana and either two apples or oranges are my usual mid-day snacks at work. At home I usually have strawberries and either blueberries or grapes some time after dinner.

The nice thing about fruit is that it is nutrient dense and contains fiber which helps keep your insulin from spiking too much.


Fruit are like nature’s carb snack. Packs a nutritious punch. Not just fresh fruit but frozen too. Personally, I go for the frozen mango chunks and frozen mixed berries. For convenience and fresh, you got stuff like, apple bananas, apple, pears, berries and grapes. For the less convenient but able to front load the work and store a lot for later, you got things like pineapple and watermelon.

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Make your own mueslibars? Takes about 20 minutes, lasts a week. You can go as low or high in sugar as you want.

You only need something mashable and sticky (like bananas or peanut butter) and muesli (and whatever else you want in there, seeds, more nuts etc). Mix and press tightly into a baking tin about half an inch thick. Bake lightly until a bit brown, done.


That’s a good point. Also rice cakes are traditionally on the bike fuel, but no reason they can’t be used as a snack and you can flavor them any way you like.

Here’s a GCN video with Hannah Grant when she was at Saxo-Tinkoff showing how to make them:

Hannah went on to Orica-Scott and wrote The Grand Tour Cookbook and Eat Race Win, the latter also is an Amazon Prime video series of the same name. All of these are pretty good.

That’s an interesting point. I try to limit fruit as it’s often fairly high in sugar, but maybe you’re right.

Though ideally I’m looking for stuff that’s more like 50%+ carbs. Maybe I’m asking the impossible.

Fruit is all carbs…

The other things you mentioned can be done as snacks throughout the day even without access to a kitchen.

Pre-cook a sweet potato and eat it during the day - they are a great snack (I eat them room temp all the time)

Make yourself some overnight oats and eat in the middle of the afternoon

Get some veggies (cooked or raw) and snack on them throughout the day

Plenty of filling slow carb options you can have without a kitchen handy - you just have to do a little prep over the weekend


This. Fruit in most cases is 100% carbohydrate. However, they are simple carbohydrates from fructose, as opposed to the complex carbohydrates that you find in rice, oats and starchy vegetables. Both are good for you of course, eat both!

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fruit is generally carbs and fiber…that makes a difference in insulin response

Bean salads are easy to make and with the dressing you can change them to suit however much fat you want. Lots of different flavours are possible and if you use tinned beans you can be have quite a few snack size portions in 15 minutes.

My go to’s

Ice cream
Dark chocolate anything
Peanut butter pretzels

I don’t get paid to ride my bike :slight_smile:


Have you had the trader Joes chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels? Game changer

Sometimes I wish I lived in the US! I’m almost teary just imagining peanut butter pretzels!

A banana sandwich- Just give it a thump to squash it a bit and it’s a good, fairly high calorie snack.

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