Anyone make fruit salads at home and freeze them?

My go to calorie restrictive food is a fruit pot, but here in the UK I am looking at about £4 per day for this. Over a month this builds up and I’m sure it would work out cheaper l to do this at home and freeze it

Has anyone tried mass prepping this and freezing pots? How does the fruit hold up? Or any other suggestions how to make it last?

I tend to buy frozen fruit for my breakfasts or making lollies for my son. So freezer is normally stacked with various bits.

You can freeze almost any fruit and it will be fine, the only fruit that might cause an issue are melons. They have a higher water content and apples will brown in the freezer. Besides that I cut up bananas, berries And even mango all the time and freeze them without problems. The best way to freeze them is lay them out on a sheet pan or even a plate that way they aren’t bunched together. This will get their temperature down a lot quicker and when they’re frozen you can dump them in a Ziploc bag. Frozen fruit can last for a couple weeks to a month in the freezer and be fine. You might get some freezer burn but it hasn’t stopped me lol

It will be pretty mushy when it thaws, good for smoothies etc.

If you’re going to freeze it, just buy it frozen, its usually cheaper anyway.

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That’s what I do now. Less expensive, keeps for long periods of time in the freezer and I always have a ready source of all kinds of fruit for smoothies. The only thing I freeze myself are bananas.