What’s a good snack option to stay awake

I’m currently working on my master’s degree. Once the kids are in bed and I get around to my studies, I’m usually pretty damn tired. To help fight the urge to fall asleep, I’ll snack on the kid’s stuff and candy (or whatever other crap I can find in the pantry). I don’t usually buy this kind of stuff, but it almost always makes it’s way into my house. For example, we just got back from a birthday party, and the kids brought home candy they got from a piñata. So, what are some healthier options to kick the brain into high-gear for an hour or two so I can get some work done before I go to bed?

Sounds as though you reach for sweet stuff - if so, I’d be going for bananas, apples, pears, oranges etc.

Candy may give you a kick, but the decline afterwards will be rapid (and probably make you feel more sluggish).


Fruit smoothie. I’ve found it gives me as good a boost as strong coffee.

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I agree with the smoothies but I will also say be careful. The work/family/masters led to very bad habits and a very steep decline in health for me. Sleep deprivation does a lot of nasty things and it has taken years to recover. That mental toughness to do everything is admirable but remember you are not Superman. You need to find a way to get sleep.

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Apples and almonds.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll give these a shot.
A friend from work also suggested crushed ice.

If it’s to stop you from actually falling asleep then chewing gum works. There’s a scientific explanation that I can’t remember but my experience is it works pretty well.

If it’s to stay productive then your brain probably needs the sugar and it’s more a question of finding the healthier option. Fruit and nuts sounds good.

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I like this, I’ll give both a shot. Thanks!

Could add some yogurt into the fruit and make a parfait so you get some good fats and protein also.

Dark chocolate coated coffee beans!

Man this sounds great, but my goal is to be able to fall asleep after I finish my school work :joy:

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So I tried frozen pineapple last night (instead of my usual Oreos/ gummy worms/ cheez-its/ etc.), and it did the trick! But I do suspect I’ll have to break the habit of indulging in junk food late at night. I could still feel a craving, which I’m guessing is mostly mental.

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“Once the kids are in bed…”

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finding healthy late-night snacks, but are a little confused about the right selection, no worry…
The healthy late-night snacks are low in calories, easy to digest, and do not contain much fat, protein, or fiber. Here are nine healthy snacks for late-night that help you stay fit and smart.

  1. Smoothie Cubes
  2. Tomato and Cottage Cheese Sandwich
  3. Cottage Cheese Marshmallow Ice-cream
  4. Roasted Honey Carrots