Eating while travelling for work/food suggestions-no fridge or microwave

Hi all, Im in the UK and normally don’t travel away but have to spend a week in a hotel for work soon but still in the UK. I’ve done it a couple times and struggle with what to do. In the past I’ve just eaten the hotel full English breakfast, the supplied sandwiches for lunch and a restaurant meal for tea. Pretty much no veg and end up feeling bloated and crap after the week. Breakfast seems the worst. Does anyone have any good suggestions for food to take or pre prepare that could be useful(non perishable)? There is no fridge and no means of cooking and no better options for breakfast locations as they don’t open early enough. There is a kettle in the room but that’s it.
I appreciate its only a week so not going to massively derail my training or put a tonne of weight on but would be nice to improve what I can. I can take my bike so hopefully the weather allows some riding in the evening!

Overnight oats?

That’s the only thing I could think of too although I guess I’d have to use water which I haven’t done before but should be fine once I add some nuts, banana and jam etc

Oats, fruits, nuts, grab some eggs and cheese from the breakfast thing. I’ve been doing that dance for the last few weeks…

I often used the kettle to make oats and brought my own dried nuts, fruits and peanut butter. And then when eating out, I tried to order at least 1 meal that had a base of a salad with the dressing on the side.

Other things I have done is taken my own bread and avocados for a light breakfast

Is there ice available? Can you take a cooler and refill it w ice? This opens lots of options.

When I did not have a cooler I would fill the sink w ice to keep something cold.

Could you bring a kettle or rice cooker? There’s a lot you can do with those. Heating water in the coffee maker works well for oats and things.

I have a dehydrator at home. It’s been amazing. Fruits for snacks and there are a ton of meal ideas you can make that just need to be rehydrated. All non-perishable.

I used to fly to a work camp and would get tired of the food they served. I got pretty creative with those few things.

go to grocer and get some bananas, bagel or bread and peanut butter. not glamorous, but will get you through breakfast with a nice coffee.

or granola / cereal and maybe the hotel will provide some milk?

able to run out to grocer to get a premade salad or something for lunch? add some chicken? again, not glamorous, but would keep you full!

nut butter.

easy and no fridge needed.

let us know how it goes! good luck!

Just occurs to me that there are some types of non-dairy milk that don’t need a fridge. Some (but not all) versions of Oatly, for instance. Won’t be chilled but they won’t go off either.

Same thing here - overnight oats made with soy milk, raisins, nuts and bananas. No need for a fridge, and tastes great. Add a bit of honey if you’re feeling particularly crazy!

You did not specify what you’re actually looking for. What do you want to eat?

I travel quite a bit across Europe, often via plane which makes it more difficult.

Most vegetables don’t require a fridge. There is long-life dairy milk which does not require a fridge. Boiled eggs don’t require a fridge. A small bowl can be brought.

However, to be of more help it may be useful to know what your preferences are. And what you’re travelling is like, car or plane?

Make oatmeal using hot water from the coffee maker. Just make sure you run water through with no coffee a bunch of times beforehand to get the coffee flavor out (unless you like that in your oatmeal).

Grab a greek yogurt on your walk to the office and eat that to supplement your morning protein. Additionally nearly all convenience stores have small packages of hard cooked eggs - can grab those each morning if you prefer that to the yogurt

For lunches and dinners - it can be harder, particularly if you have social obligations with customers and colleagues for dinner.

I don’t do low carb anywhere else in my life, but since I know my calories are going to be high when I’m traveling for work I regularly take the sandwiches provided and disassemble them - eat the meat and veggies but ditch the bread and cheese if you can. Go hard on the salad if provided but don’t put any dressing on it. My weakness is the cookies or sweets, and since I know I’ll cave around 2:45 and have 400 calories worth of cookies I just cut down the carbs in the meal as much as I can.

Dinner - if you don’t have to go out with others then just swing by the grocery on your way to the hotel and grab some salad and prepared chicken. Supplement with whatever toppings you think you can, calorie speaking, afford for the day. Sometimes for me this means a pretty plain salad, sometimes if I’ve been good during the day I can go big and get some mixed nuts to toss on top

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Most hotels will be open to preparing what you want if you ask - I spent a year and a half living in hotels before I moved once and managed to get poached eggs or porridge for breakfast and even beans on toast for an evening meal - worth asking if they can do something for you rather than trying to do it yourself :slight_smile:

There’s no ice but I could buy some elsewhere I guess. I use oat milk or soy milk so I’ll get the non fridge type although they say it should be kept in the fridge when opened. I thought about getting poached eggs done as it is a option as a extra from the buffet breakfast but judging by the standard of the food last time I don’t think it would be worth the cost!