Stage race abroad: non-bike equipment to take

Hi all,

In April I’ve been invited to do a stage race abroad and the organisation is organising the teams in a single hotel (better rates ofc!).

I could go for an apartment but I am looking to integrate with some other teams so would prefer to stop in this hotel.

Aside from the obvious (bike, tools etc) what things does anyone recommend to take with them when travelling further distances for such events? Am thinking in the vein of mini cookers, etc, anything that makes life useful for “off the bike things”, so to speak…

Bear in mind I’m flying, so loading up a car in this case is not possible (that’s my normal go to).

Hacks, tips, tricks, links, all appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Aeropress if you like coffee , Pedals in carry on , supplements such as electrolyte tablets , flip-flops or something like it , a receipe of your bike for customs ( or letter of ownership), imodium or something like that just in case you don’t get along with the food.
Depending where you go - avoid the salad bar and raw vegetables as well as tab water


Salad bar is great idea. Forgot about that! I’ve flown with my bike a lot of times, but never had to be in a hotel etc.

Aeropress, also really good. Bike nutrition in terms of on the bike I think I have dialled, as I have had loads of issues in the past with my bad stomach.

How effective is Imodium? Never had to use it luckily

Imodium usually takes a day or two if you really need it but it is rather readily available.

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A lot of this depends on where you’re traveling…

If you’re going someplace with a vastly different palate, particularly breakfast, than you are used to then bringing some easy to prepare breakfast food can be very helpful. Think oatmeal, rice, etc. The core carb in your diet - if you won’t be able to buy it where you’re going then it is worth bringing it and a way to prepare it

As above, everything depends on what you can easily buy in country vs. not. Most consumable items aren’t worth bringing if you’ll be near a major metropolitan area - so focus on things you don’t think you can buy once you arrive. Might be sunscreen, might be a cooler, might be water bottles

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Oatmeal is my go to all the time, I think I’ll be heavily relying on that. Anybody ever take a cooker of any type?