Early September cycling trip

If you could go anywhere North America, South America, or Europe to ride A LOT for 7-10 days in early September, where would you go? Primarily focused on road and gravel riding.

(totally a hypothetical question :laughing:)

Difficult time, still very hot in some places… :confused:

Maybe northern Italy, Garda or Como…? Dolomites?

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Colorado would be a solid choice. I’ve done Colorado Springs in September before and was a great time. The gravel is FANTASTIC(Gold Camp Road and Rampart Range Road) and if you feel like getting some epic vertical, there is Pikes Peak.

Maybe an odd recommendation: consider Amsterdam. Excellent cycling conditions, good route options, and major European city life to combine with.

Vermont or Oregon

Mid to late September is my favorite time of the year in the Rockies: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah. Occasional snow on the peaks, Aspens changing colors. Really is a fantastic time of year. Granted, I’m not usually biking when I’m out there, and occasionally you can get some weather.

It’s a little early for Foliage here in the Northeast, and I think you’re from the area anyways, so I’d say no to that one.

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If you like super rugged terrain and don’t mind it being a little chilly, you can come down to Argentina-Patagonia area… Lots of gravel riding around here!
I found this link with good info about some great routes: https://theculturetrip.com/south-america/argentina/articles/spectacular-places-to-cycle-in-argentina/

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What spots in Oregon are you thinking? I’d betting Bend is on the list along with possibly Hood River, and Oak Ridge/ parts of the Willamette valley.

These are my stomping grounds so trying to figure out if there are some new spots I need to check out.

Jonathan said Oakridge had some of the best mtbing in the PNW. We have visited Bend twice now and I can’t wait to visit again or maybe move to that area.

I rode 200 miles starting in Maupin on road and it was super enjoyable. The ultra cycling events for Race Across Oregon start around there. The mtbing outside of Bend was very easy to get away with a gravel bike. There were endless fire roads in the Deschutes National Forest to explore and long climbs to various mountain passes.


Stelvio bike day is 2 September when the pass is closed to car traffic. I will be there but I am only a short drive away. There are plenty of other great rides in the area or you could explore and ride in other regions. The Strade Bianche course is a fun ride too.

Appreciate everyone’s input!

On my list for sure. Didn’t know how the weather would be. Seems reasonable?

High on the list: was thinking of basing out of Steamboat. In my experience, the afternoon thunderstorms burn out by late August.

Was just there earlier this month! Will definitely be headed back, but maybe not right away because i want to try out other places.

Indeed, if I weren’t based in New England, I’d be headed to god’s country (aka Vermont).

How do people go about making routes for areas they haven’t been to before? One of my major hang-ups is planning out banger routes when I’m going in blind.

Facebook groups for the local area and research on public routes on RWGPS.

Should be! :slight_smile: But it can be rainy and 2c one day and 26c and sunny the next (In the Dolomites)

Worth it for those roads though!

The hills above Nice, France. World class cycling and they love cyclists too.

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Bumping this as I’m having more ideas: anyone here from/done a riding trip in New Mexico? Any beta?

Definitely RWGPS and also Strava Heat Maps….if you aren’t a subscriber, just subscribe for a month, get the routes you need and then cancel.

ETA - for gravel routes you can also check GravelMap.com.

As another option, maybe consider Boise, ID….

I’d recommend Bentonville, AR as well, but it will still be pretty warm. If that doesn’t bother, that would be a great option.

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