Cycling camp and tour recommendations

Hello, I am curious for any feedback and recommendations (from the forum’s experience) for cycling camp and tour companies.
My background, interests, & situation are as follows:

  • I am in British Columbia Canada (curious about both options that may be in Canada or the US as well as international)
  • I am 47 years old and not racing, but trying to improve my fitness, FTP, … like a challenge
  • I ride fondos
  • I am looking for a balance between challenging rides, some light coaching, nice places to ride, …

If there is any additional information that would be useful in making a recommendation I am all ears. Thank you for any information or suggestions any of you may have.

Just back from our third trip with Trek Travel. We’ve done one in the US, and two in Europe. Pretty much everyone we’ve met on these trips has been a returning customer. Would highly recommend them as a company. They offer a myriad of options so you should be able to find something to suit.

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A friend of some of my college teammates has a company that puts on a bunch of different trips in the US and around the world. I have not been on any of their trips myself but do know a number of the guides and they are good guys and gals, love bikes/riding and focused on creating a good experience for camp members. They started it up in 2005 and have continued to grow and add new sites/camps which is probably a good sign