February camp location?

Hi, can anyone recommend a good location that is somewhat warm in early February, has plenty of good roads (bonus if it has gravel too) and somewhat close to a town or city with facilities? The other requirements is it need to be within a 12 Hr drive of Fayetteville Arkansas ( im going to the CX worlds, and figure i might as well extend the trip and go somewhere warm to ride for a week). I live in the east, so arizona and California is too far to drive, hence the 12 limit from arkansas. Maybe a good location in Texas?


Austin is pretty good, plenty of good roads.

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I was about to say Palm Springs…

never mind :rofl:

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If you would consider an extra 5-6 hours to your drive, I would recommend Tucson, Arizona. It’s a gold level bicycle friendly city. :sunglasses:


Jackson MS. Premier gravel. Natchez Trace. Great cycling community. Superb restaurants.

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Spend a week and wrap it up with a MS Gravel Cup race on Saturday. 50 and 100 mi options. Ordinaryepics.com

I’d argue it depends on how fast you drive.

Woah…Tell me how you do this?!

  1. google “ driving radius map”
  2. click first link
  3. input data
  4. grab pic
  5. wow mofos on TR :slight_smile:

So the obvious answer here is to jus stay in Arkansas, go up to Bentonville and have at it.

The trails in bentonville are world-class and you have plenty of MTB and gravel options (just load the Big Sugar GPX file for starters).

May not be as warm as what you were shooting for, but the riding is fantastic.

A group from up here is talking about going down for Worlds, but staying in Bentonville and riding in the AM before the races.

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That may be a good option

Yeah, ive been there once (but only had a mtb), and totally want to go back with a road bike

Oh ive had my eye on jasons events for a while

Yeah, but the lady friend wants warmth, so got to keep her happy too

Well that wasn’t listed in the criteria, was it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m guessing someplace like Austin would be your best bet, but can’t speak directly to it. Good luck!

Another vote for Austin. Weather can be unpredictable (I’ve seen 80’ s and ice storm in the same week), but in general pretty mild. Easy to get a 50+ mile loop with wide shoulders (like car lane width) and ~3500 ft climbing (mostly sawtooth, short steep punchy stuff). Typical route would be Southwest Parkway to 71 to Bee Cave to 360 (north and south) back to the Parkway. Gravel routes within 45-60 min’s travel time. Plenty of shop/group rides to choose from

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