Supported cycling trips/camps in North America?

Hey all – I think I’m going to have to some (rarely available) time to take week for myself near between now and the end of February to do with what I want.

While is it definitely inconvenient timing in the northern hemisphere, I’d love to find a supported cycling camp to attend. Not looking for a tear-your-legs-off training camp, nor am I looking for penny-farthing tours through wine country… but rather something where you can ride hard, but according to your skill level, during the rides.

I know Trek Travel does some trips… I also know about the The Cyclists Menu…

Anyone know of any other outfits I might look into? 4-7 days is ideal.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Road, Gravel, Mountain . . . I’m open to all disciplines.

You may want to call a LBS in the area you want to travel and ask to see if they know of any local resources. Far cheaper than the big outfits.

My race team did that a several years in a row. One of the LBS dudes in Chattanooga just loaded up his Subaru and gave us outstanding guide service. He was into it – passing bottles out the window while we rode, etc. Lots of fun and a great way for him to make some money outside of the shop. We did this other cities as well. Always a good experience.


I’d look at Cycling House. We’ve done a lot of tours with other companies (Western Spirit is excellent), but our trip with CH in March will be the first with this company. Excellent communications with the director since we booked. As a hint to how they think - this is the first time we’ve had a company send us an Off Season Training Guide.

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Tennessee has been particularly mild this year.

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The Cycling House – THANK YOU!! I had forgotten that one…

Wait, this sounds super fun.


Check out for MTB stuff in Moab, Utah. Not sure if Feb. is the time to go though. We (my family) did a 4 hour instructed ride, and I was really impressed with the instruction and service. They also do longer tours.

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No kidding, sign me up.

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Have you looked at San Juan Huts in Colorado? They have set routes and huts that are fully stocked with food and sleeping gear. You only carry your personal gear and bike repair stuff. There are MTB and gravel routes. I’ve done a 7 day MTB ride from Telluride to Moab. Also done a gravel 3 day from Grand Junction to Moab. Days are certainly not lazy rides, but not break-your-back (well, maybe one or two…).

It’s not supported en route, but supported with accommodations and food (you make yourself). Think of it as bikepacking, light. Loads of fun and great to do with friends.

does it have to be on a penny-farthing? or even a bike?