Early Access to iOS Beta: Updated TrainerRoad

Absolutely, but theres no point in letting it annoy you.

Using TestFlight’s newer “auto update” feature and I think I’m on latest (2020.36.0.91927-Beta)

I had Bald Knob scheduled and loaded it up and completed it this morning.

Syncing Message During Workout - it’s back?

A little while back I noticed the “syncing” message on top during my whole workout - I think this was acknowledged and noted as fixed, however it was there for my whole workout again this morning on this version.

Workout Sync (web / partners)

I generally record my workouts simultaneously with my Edge 530, but I want my TR sync’d ride on Strava (with picture and name, etc) so I wait until Strava notifies me of a new ride before I formally save my Garmin. This seems to take longer and longer with the beta versions. In the standard app I think I saw notification from Strava within 10-15 seconds of it completing, but this time it was probably minutes.

During these minutes I spent time manually checking if Strava had the ride (it didn’t), if TR showed the workout as complete on the web site - it didn’t at first, but somewhere during my attempts it showed as processing. Also in the middle of this I re-opened the app and it showed today with nothing scheduled (and nothing completed) which was also weird.

Note, I feel like the above experiments by me were also with some level of patience, I didn’t merely close out of TR right after the ride and start poking. I generally waited until it seemed happy, waited some more, switched to other app / browser, back to TR, waited, killed TR, relaunched TR, waited…

Eventually things look correct, although I had given up on my TR sync to Strava so I saved my Garmin and walked away (it seems Strava added my TR photo to my Garmin activity now, but otherwise my Strava activity looks like a Garmin upload based on device, workout name, etc).

(Above comments all with iOS 14.2 on an iPhone Xr).

iPad - intensity adjustment jumpy

I never noted this yet, so maybe it’s been fixed, but since I am here I thought I’d quickly mention. I was using my iPad for a ride last week (or so) and wanted to increase the intensity slightly. I quickly and gently tapped the “+” to increase by 1%, but it jumped to 103 or 104. I thought it was weird to tried to play with the “+” and “-” a little more. It acted really strange in that often (most times) it went multiple steps, but sometimes didn’t. I couldn’t find a clear pattern or press method that made it act consistently. Even my attempts at the quickest gentle tap caused more than 1% changes.

Glad to see the FTP estimate in the app now, have a test next week to try it out.

This is the second version that doesn’t recognize my Garmin speed, cadence, and HR sensors. I have to delete and reload the commercial version. Wasting valuable workout time. But I assumed this latest update would have addressed that basic function.

Serious question - what is the point of the ‘Syncing - please hang tight’ banner? I’m asking because I can’t really correlate anything I’m doing in the app with the appearance of the banner - and I’d be surprised if workout definitions etc are being updated on the TR side that often and needing to be pushed afresh to my iPad.

If the sync needs to happen, can’t it be done on a background thread without me having to know about it? And if I really shouldn’t be interacting with the app while the spinner is there (for stability reasons), then … well, the app should stop me actually doing stuff.


That banner is going away. We just discussed it in a meeting a couple hours ago.


Some workouts showing on the wrong day. I did the ramp on Wednesday.

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Lost workout. ipad. latest iOS.

Here is the chain of events.

  1. started mcaide +1
  2. completed the warm up and the first major interval.
  3. started the second major interval and just couldn’t. So it seems like i’ve been completing fewer and fewer of the blasted over unders over the weeks, so maybe I have my ftp wrong or I haven’t done a spin down in a while.
  4. completed a spin down.
  5. completed the ramp test
  6. ramp test shows up on my calendar
  7. mccaide doens’t.
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There seem to be a bug in the 2020.36.1 (91927) TrainerRoad beta build. I switched from using the Elite Direto for power and cadence to using my Garmin Vector 3 pedals. As I started the workout my cadence would increase as I spun up to speed but I would pass some point (I couldn’t figure out what the threshold was) and the cadence field would jump to show 255 and stick there. I tried the beta build on my iPhone and iPad and got the same results. I downgraded to the non-beta build and was not able to reproduce the issue there but I miss all the awesome new features in the beta build.

The new TrainerRoad iOS beta app and it is wonderful! The support for split view is fantastic, now I can have Spotify in a 1/3 of the screen and TrainerRoad in the other 2/3. Absolutely wonderful! Now I just wish the F1 TV app would support split view! :grin: Showing the time that the workout will end is a really nice touch too. Especially helpful when family members come peak at my progress to know when I’ll be done.

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Hi, there I had Williamson +2 WTF WTF WTF scheduled for today and I am still alive. I just wanted to post that no instructions where included - yes, as supposed to be! No need of any instructions anyways, that workout is 100% survival mode for me.

In terms of the beta - everything went fine for me. The only issue I saw today was when I wrote a comment the keyboard hides the “save” button. Wouldn’t it make sense to have it above / north of the keyboard?
Keep up the good work all of you at TR! You make me a faster cyclist - thanks for that!

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I am liking the improved search and calendar functionality of the beta. One thing I noticed however, is after searching for a workout and adding an outdoor one to the calendar, it didn’t take me to the calendar, but rather took me a page back to the workout search. I figured it would take me to the calendar, which I think the website does.

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