DUB powermeter?

Hi there!

I’m about to change my rig from a 2013 Scott Spark to a 2019 Orbea Oiz M10.

With my former XT cranks, a left Stages has served me well, but now I’m a bit lost with this new DUB standard. Apart from a $1.200 Quark XX1 crankset, I’m not sure if there’s any other options out there in the market yet.

Any help?

Cheers from Spain :+1:

Adding link for reference

Coming from a reputable brand like Quarq I think this will be an improvement over Stages. Also, it measures power on both sides.

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DUB isn’t really a bottom bracket standard as such, it’s an axle standard that can be used in a wide variety of the current BB shells (BB30, BSA, or Pressfit) with the appropriate BB so your bike should have one or other of those shells to which you should be able to fit whatever cranks you want and I think your existing XT cranks should be compatible with any of the BB shells.



The problem with that option is the price tag, I’m afraid…

I have Asked Stages about the availability for a left arm for my Sram DUB Carbon crankset. They said “we will have a solution for you in the beginning of January”


got my quarq xx1 dub from bike-discount.de for $850-ish.

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Got a brand new Sram BB30 XX1 eagle Quarq from ebay for £460 with carbon tuned cranks.

Have fitted it to a titanium MTB BSA68mm frame!

Thankfully the BB30 had the extra long spindle for BB30 right variants. The 30mm diameter spindle was also a consideration.

Solution was purchase some Hope68mm 30mm Bottom brackets.
Had to machine one to fit in recess of drive side Quarq. Just skimmed a millimetre off the outside of the hope bracket so it no longer touches the Quarq when tightened. Can still use recesses for hope tighten tool so very little has been removed.

Added six 0.5mm shims to the drive side with lots of lithium grease.
Tighten to 45nm…solid, no play, free spinning… done well over 1,000km, no issues.
Quarq is faultless.

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Quarq is very good option, I would definitelly go for it. Also remember that for that price you’re getting top of line carbon crankset :smile:
f you’re in Spain you can order it cheaper from bike24 for 730€ (boost) or 750€

Other option would be checking power2max ng or ng eco spider which you’ll be able to install to your SRAM crank.

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You don’t need to buy a new power meter.

Your Oiz should fit the XT crank just fine. It looks like it has a standard PF92 bottom bracket opening, so you should be able to put an XT bottom bracket in their with no issue.


That’s proper engineering! Please show us a few pictures of the process!

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I’m considering that option, maybe selling my XT Stages and the brand new X1 cranks to partially finance the Quark is a good way to go.

The thing is that I would like to start from scratch. My Spark initially came on a Shimano XT M785 3x setup, currently modified to 2x , and honestly, after almost 6 years I’m fed of the bike, wich is otherwise well beaten and totally amortized.

Thanks for the BB92 bit, I haven’t been able to find that info myself. For those unfamiliar with Orbea, here’s the link to my Oiz: https://www.orbea.com/int-en/bicycles/mountain/oiz/cat/oiz-29-m10-19

In that case, I’d recommend the Power2Max NGEco if you are on a budget.


I am in a similar situation. New bike came with XX1 dub boost crankset and Quarq support told me I needed a whole new crankset and cannot retrofit just a spider (they are very responsive, but not quite what I wanted hear).

Looking at @stevemz reply above, It seems I could get Power2Max spider? Any other option that would not require a new crankset?

Looks like I could send it to 4iiii to get one their unit installed.

Yes, the Power2Max NGEco spider should fit the 3 bolt XX1 cranks.

The Quarq spiders are slightly lighter I believe, but use the 8 bolts which Quarq says is needed to have stable torque values.

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Another vote for Power2Max.

I’ve been racing their pms’ for years. Rock solid. Just got one for my new race HT. Something I can’t say for my XX1 Quarq, I consider the battery compartment as the weak spot. I know a couple of people having trouble with it, including myself.

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Did you ever get sorted with a power meter for your Oiz? I bought an Oiz in March and love it but miss the power meter for keeping my weekly TSS in check so bought a Quarq recently but after trying to fit seems that it is not compatible with the new Oiz frames, confirmed after emailing Quarq. There simply isnt enough space between the suspension rocker and the inside drive side of the quarq spider which is quite thick.
Looking at power2max at the moment as a possibility.

Not my bike but this looks like a power2max.

Waiting for my 2020 Oiz frame at the moment, haven’t really thought about my P2M not to fit. This would be a nightmare!

I picked up on that forum thread, went though it all, looks like some people have added spacers to make the quarq fit but puts the chainline out of snyc and shifting sloppy (not that it isnt anyway after a while with SRAM). Have emailed P2M waiting hopefully for the correct answer!

Yeah, got it sorted installing a Rotor Inpower. I’m quite happy, generally speaking.