Quarq power meter for GXP?

Hey guys! I have a question about GXP and quarq. There does not seem to be any comparable power meter between the two besides the stages L side only. I wouldn’t expect this since GXP is a sram standard and sram now own quarq. Looks like everything is moving to the DUB bb. This is. just surprising since sram still makes GXP. Shouldn’t there be something that fits without a complete overhaul of the crankset and bb? Stages seems to be the best option here but they are currently sold out. Is there a comparable quarq?

Quarq isn’t making GXP spindles anymore it seems.

4iiii or Power2Max would be options for you. I have an NGEco and have been happy with it.

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There should still be plenty available on the second-hand market. Given the quality of Quarq equipment, I wouldn’t hesitate getting a used one.

I thought the Dzero came in gxp

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At least last I checked, they make a GXP crank. You just need to add the crank and spider to your cart separately, or find an online source that has the right one. They still need GXP cranks to fit Trek and Pinarello.

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GXP Quarqs are around 2nd hand and for very reasonable prices. Both of my Quarqs are GXP and 2nd hand and have 30+k kms on them.

I was going to post a new question on the same topic - does anyone know of any reasonable power meter options for GXP?

Would the current Quarq DZERO DUB Spider not be compatible? https://www.sram.com/en/quarq/models/pm-dz-spdr-d1

I can’t ship my crank off to anyone since only have a single bike & need to keep it functional for training. The Stages GXP is a bit expensive for single sided power & I have speedplay pedals so pedal based meters are out.

Quarq is definitely an option. I’ve just bought two new Red AXS groupsets with power for my Pinarellos. Find a Pinarello dealer in your area they will know which parts you need.

Okay I figured I out. I am using a bb86 bottom bracket, the Quarq zero dub power meter, the new look force axs cranks, and force 22 chainrings. That is what the good people at quarry/sram told me will work.

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Sram made DUB to have one spindle for all BB types, the DUB BB is now what you need consider when ordering. The DUB spindle will work in everything from the GXP, BB90, BB30, etc. It’s a much better system, only needing to change BB rather than getting the right spindle on the crankset.

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Thanks, I’ll give Quarq/SRAM a call next week then, was hoping to avoid buying new cranks & just retrofit the spider to my existing Rival GXP setup with Oval Q-Rings.

Last I heard, DUB was not compatible with BB90, because the bearings get too small.

I have two bikes that are running BB86 bottom brackets and SRAM GXP Force cranks. If I wanted to run a newer Quarq DUB PM what would I need to do to make my bikes compatible?

  1. Buy new DUB BB’s
  2. Buy new DUB cranks (or can I use my older Force cranks)


DUB is 28.99 mm spindle diameter, and GXP is 24 mm drive side, and 22 mm non-drive side. So you will need to get either DUB BB’s, or get some Quarq ready cranks that have GXP spindle. Supposedly Quarq still makes GXP cranksets for Trek/Pinarello, but I haven’t been able to find them on their website for the past year, so idk. Used Quarq ready cranks are not common to come across, but they do pop up from time to time.

I have a quarq 24mm powermeter for many years. Still working very good. Do you think that quarq/sram will still making GXP pressfit BB86 for the coming years? Or do i need some stock?

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SRAM are pushing Dub over GXP. Some SRAM retailers can order GXP chain sets as a special order but the there does not appear to be a SKU with the power meter. Dub is your only option which is a problem if you have an Italian threaded frame as SRAM do not make Dub bottom brackets to fit. You will need a C-Bear or Ceramic Speed option.