DUB powermeter?

I ran into the same problem unfortunately. Did you find any way around this?

Just to let you know that my Rotor InPower died during my summer vacation.

First it stopped going to sleep, as the LED was allways blinking, draining batteries in a couple of days. Then one day on a long climb the readings were from normal to zero.

Nowadays only cadence works. I´m about to call to Rotor, let`s see their answer.

I have a hard time to understand all those bottom bracket and axle standards and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’d like to purchase a quarq powermeter but I don’t know which one to pick. I have a SC Hightower LT with X01 components and consider buying a 2017 Trek Procaliber 9.8 SL. The Hightower has a threaded bottom bracket and the Hardtail is pressfit.

Question: Am I right in my assumption that as long as both bottom brackets are DUB compatibel, the quarq powermeter bith a dub axle standard should be compatibel with both bikes?

Call them. I had similar questions and my LBS wasn’t too up to speed on PM’s, especially the Quarq. I called them and in 5 minutes they explained everything and I took that info to my LBS and ordered it through them.

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Why have i only just seen this!

Bought a Quarq recently and ran into this issue on my new to me 2019 Oiz. ffs!

I’ve ordered a larger Dub BB spacer to see if i can make it work.

Can’t return the Quarq so its a case of make it work or sell for a loss on eBay.

You need at least 3mm DUB spacer to make it work.

Cheers - Will give it a go. Spacer kit should be here this week.

Are you running this setup now? Hows the chainlink / wear / gear changing affected?

I did run it on my Oiz M-LTD 2020-model. Did not need to change anything on my AXS-setup. Had a friend which ran 3mm spacer and no changes there either so you should be good to go.

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Cheers dude - mega helpful!

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I’m Spanish, here the OIZ is the #1 MTB bike in sales by far. The brand stated that the Quarq was not compatible with the 2019 and 2020 OMR frames, but plenty of their sponsored riders or national YouTube celebrities (e.g. Aleix Espargaró, MotoGP rider) have publicly used it without issue. There’s also plenty of positive examples in the spanish forums.

The 2021 OMX frames (new, top tier) have a redesigned rear triangle that has plenty of room so any PM can be fitted.

However, if I recall correctly, there was no need to use additional spacers.

Cheers and enjoy the Oiz!

So this is how It looked on the OMR-frames without a spacer. When seated it clears the frame but once off the pedals it grinds away on both paint and carbon.

Another angle: