DUB bottom bracket Power Meter options

Looking for suggestions on a power meter that will work with a SRAM Stylo 6K Eagle DUB, 34t. I don’t know the crank arm length yet - I have emailed Salsa asking what size is on the Medium.

Power2Max NGEco should work great


Quarq XX1 power meter. Top of the line and you pay for it.

i got the quarq for like $860 at bike-discount.de

comes from germany so it took a little while. but saved $300 maybe.

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If your replacing the whole crank then I think you can choose anything that’s compatible with you bike’s BB shell, so long as you replace the bottom bracket.

DUB isn’t really a bottom bracket standard as such - it’s more like a crank axle standard with different bottom brackets to suit existing standard BSA and BB/PF30 shells.

Having said that, there options out there that use the DUB axle standard as others have said but don’t feel that you have to be stuck with DUB options as most cranks can be used with most frames these days.


Do you have one installed? If so what are your impressions? I’m interested in it for my new ride.

Yes, I’ve been running the P2M NGEco on my mtb for a little less than a year and it’s been faultless. It just works.

Stages recently released an axle for DUB, so add them to the list.

Are any special chainrings required? Did you order the PM with their Praxis chainring?

I went with an Sram chainring, but if I were to do it again, I’d probably just order it with the Praxis ring direct from P2M. I have the Praxis rings on my road bike and they are top notch.

If you use your own ring, just make sure to get the single-ring chainring bolts; made that mistake the first time.

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Thanks…I’m a newb when it comes to wrenching bikes so that’s the reason for the questions.

So the GX Eagle chain will run fine on a praxis ring? Just asking because my bike is SRAM Eagle with X Synch 2 (whatever that means exactly) and has the direct mount rings, no bolts. Just wondering if rings without that tech would work?

I see now that I can order X Sync 2 rings from the quarq website for $69 each.

Yes, the Eagle chain is compatibility with the Praxis rings

+1 for the p2m NG eco. It’s been set-and-forget for me, couldn’t be happier.

Hi, do you know if the P2M NGEco fits the Truvativ Stylo Dub 6k crankset?