Power Meters for MTB

SuperBoost is 157mm

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I also have this and it works great. Power2Max NGEco on GX Eagle Boost and I’ve been very happy with it.

I thought it was 152… Must have my supers mixed up…but you are indeed correct!

It’s still kinda dumb though, except on ebikes and Pininon/gearbox bikes. It doesn’t look right on the Knolly’s for example.

Was the DH standard 152mm then?

Gawd…too many hubs!!!

Umm, yup, clear as concrete :stuck_out_tongue:

Been using 4iiii on my hardtail for a few years now (got it late spring 2016). No issues, good performance. It’s been so hassle free that I decided to get the same crankset on my new bike (came with sram, but the 4iiii is on an XT crank) so I can use it on the new full suspension. I’m planning on selling my hardtail and hopefully replacing with an XC full suspension bike. If so, I’ll likely put XT cranks on that as well and then simply swap the left arms back and forth. I generally prefer sram over Shimano, but the Shimano cranks are just so easy to take on and off.


Been using a Sram BB30 XX1 Eagle Quarq even though my bottom bracket it a BSA. No complaint here, very reliable and good performance, what you’d expect from Quarq.

Have mentioned the installation here, required a bit of “adjustment”

At some point I need to create a spare Hope bracket/bearing because if I’m out on a long week/month away, I’m not going to find one that fits at a local bike shop if one is ever required.

I’d like to know what everyone is using for a power meter on their BOOST frames. I picked up a set of eeWings Stages thinking “power meter for life” until I ran into a frame clearance issue. The power unit runs smack into the chain stays, it’s just not compatible with my bike. Stages mounts the unit on the drive side for this beauty of a crank set FYI.

I’ve not had that issue in the past with other bikes and stages and would prefer using crank based power. I’ve run Race Face cranks in the past but I’ve had durability issues there so I’m hesitant to trying their Cinch power meter but it’s looking like the best fit.

What else is out there beyond Quarq?

I use the race face, well protected from the elements in the spindle, seems to be holding a charge well. Even though i calibrate/zero offset every ride the value doesn’t really change. Power seems to align really well with my stages since certain power outputs match hr on a few pavement segments done on both bikes.

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I just bought the Quarq XX1 PM for my MTB… I did have to sell one of my kids to afford it though :grimacing:.


I like the PowerTap hub on my MTB. The Vector 2 pedals on my road bike indicate that I don’t have to worry about left versus right power differences.

I’m still using my Cinch on my Tallboy but I recently purchased a Quarq for my Spark. I’m happy with the Quarq but I would say it reads a bit higher than my Tacx Neo and Cinch meters which seem to be aligned pretty well. This is a bit annoying for the analysis of multiple data sets and I’m having some buyers remorse currently.

I have a Power2max NGeco spider on my SRAM DUB boost crankset. It has worked perfectly.

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“I have a Power2max NGeco spider on my SRAM DUB boost crankset. It has worked perfectly.“

Same exact setup on my MTB. Was really easy to install and has worked great.

I wonder if your Quarq needs to be calibrated? (not just the zero offset done with Garmin or Bolt, but a full calibration) Usually Quarq’s are very accurate and mine read very close with Tacx Neo.

I’m going to purchase the adaptor to put my mtb on the tacx and get some actual data. Right now I am purely going off RPE. Can you point me to some literature that details a “full calibration” as you describe? I’ve looked through the manual and I see a head-unit-based calibration and the backpedal calibration. See pages 11 and 12:

Power2Max… actually their boost version is about $30 cheaper than their 142mm…

Omg thanks for explaining the spikes. At first I was proud of my peak power but then I realized the spike was on a descent.

That said, it doesn’t bother me. The Gen 3 Stages unit is great. I would get one again…but I did get a discounted new unit ($300) on ebay because it was scratched at a bike store on a display bike. No way I’d pay almost $600 for a new unit.

I’m thinking of the process shown in this video where weights are used:

However probably best to call Quarq tech support and see what they suggest.

My Quarq reads about 5w higher than my P2M which is close enough for me. I do all my testing and training on the Quarq and the racing on the P2M.

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I have a stages V3 1 sided on my gravel bike and have just ordered one for my Tallboy to use at The Whiskey 50 for pacing on the gnarly long climb. Stages V1 and V2 seem to be the ones that had the issues. I thought about the race face / easton spindle but read a few to many reports of dropouts and battery issues. I guess you can find those reports on any power meter if you comb the reviews long enough. If you don’t mind the spikes that come from 1 sided units (any 1 sided unit) I think the Stages are actually great. My road bike has a 2 sided Pioneer and I don’t feel that it’s helping me any more than the Stages is. Just up your smoothing for use on Gravel and MTB and you will be fine. Heck, if it’s good enough for Jonathan it is more than fine for me.