Quarq with Trek Domane 20'

In the process of adding a Quarq DZero to my bike. I see I need to replace my bottom bracket. Any recommendations on a no noise easy to install DUB BB?
Researched a few, but would love some feed back if anyone has done this conversion on a Trek or just has a go-to DUB BB.
With components hard to get, I want to get one ordered soon so I have the power meter ready for better weather in the Midwest Usa. Currently waiting 30 days just for saddle ears from lbs. Thank you!

If I remember right, this has a threaded T47 BB, which means that BB selection is much less important, because threads. I would say pick the one that gives you the bearings you want. The Sram ones work fine, or you could get something with Enduro X-15 that will last forever. Lots of options.

Use a proper SRAM DUB bb. You’re not going to see much better performance out of anything here. You’re looking at $50 for SRAM or $200 for something that MAY save you .5w tops. The SRAM will be the only one without a BB30-> 28.99 adapter, so it’ll probably be the most efficient and squeak free .
If it squeaks after a while… spend $50 more on another one… and another one… and another one.