What power crank to fit SRAM X01 carbon DUB cranks?

Hi Folks,

I’m looking at getting a 165 mm crank for my big bike but I literally have no idea which one I need.

I have a hope pressfit BB with a DUB adaptor. I have no idea what that means either.

Is it this one?

And if so, which of these adaptors do I need?

BB Spindle Options not included: Stages Cycling spindles for 30mm are available in five options to purchase seperately:

  • : A) For SRAM Red 22 BB30
  • : B) For SRAM Force 22, Rival 22, Force/Rival CX1
  • : C) For 2015 model/year or newer SRAM BB30 mountain cranks with a 9mm driveside spacer
  • : D) For 2015 model/year or newer SRAM BB30 mountain cranks with a 15.5mm driveside spacer
  • : E) Race Face Next SL

I am so confused. :tired_face:

If I am understanding you correctly - you have a PF30 bottom bracket for a DUB spindle. The DUB spindle is 29mm and the link you listed is for a stages crankarm for a BB30/PF30 standard 30mm spindle.

Are you replacing your entire crankset or is your current X01 a 165mm and you are just trying to add power?

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I wrote a long reply and then deleted it because I realized I completely misunderstood the situation.

The bit that was worth keeping is:

I’ve never bought from these people since I’m in the UK, but if you’re US based then I think PowerMeterCity is well regarded for their product selection and especially for the kind of specific advice they will provide: Power Meter Compatibility FAQ - Power Meter City

And even more specifically, this page: I have a SRAM MTB crankset. What power meter can I use? - Power Meter City. It seems to say Stages BB30 crank arms can work with DUB cranksets if you also replace the spindle with Stages Spindle version G.

As far as I can tell that also means you are changing from a 29mm DUB spindle to a 30mm one, which requires a 30mm bottom bracket. But since you say your BB has a DUB adaptor, it seems likely that if you remove the adaptor it is actually made for 30mm which would work with Stages Spindle G just fine. You’ll need to confirm that by going on the Hope website and figuring out exactly which BB you have though (and maybe even emailing them to confirm whether you need to change the configuration of spacers etc. when you remove the DUB adaptor.)

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Sram marketeers, in all their wisdom, decided a couple years ago to create another standard „DUB“ that has a 28.99(lol) mm spindle diameter oposed to the 30mm.

If you‘re trying to replace your current crank with a shorter 165 crank you need to make sure that it’s got a 30mm spindle diameter or, since you already have the DUB adapter, you can get SRAM DUB cranks with a 29mm spindle diameter.

If you‘re riding clipless pedals I‘d consider the new Assioma SPD.


I’m going to restore even more of my deleted post now that I’ve seen the price of Stages BB30 + Spindle G: it’s $635 on that website. Might be available cheaper elsewhere, but if that’s really what it’s going to cost you then it might be worthwhile looking into replacing the crankset entirely and getting a spider based power meter which will be more robust and give you total power (rather than just doubling your left side power):

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Thanks folks,

I’m UK based so will be buying over here. I was hoping it would be simple like it was for the XT crank on my other bike - literally whip the left arm off and put the new one on. Seemingly not, but thanks so much for all the help. The cranks on there are 165 mm at the moment.

The G Adaptor is out of stock at the moment but they should have stock in about 3 weeks, apparently.

I run flat pedals so power pedals are not an option.

I can’t really afford to replace the entire crankset, although if I was going to go that route I would get the SRAM option there.

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Have you seen this one? Good durable and fairly inexpensive power meter crank from sram.

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