Dropping or pushing trainer days for strength training

I asked this question for the podcast, but i figured i would give it a go here.

I am primarily a mountain biker. Ride a Trek Slash. I race in the CNES here in B.C. Canada, along with some other local races. Highly competitive, usually in the top 10 courtesy of solid technical skill. I ride road and cross for the fun of it as well. 6’2" 187lb. ftp just over 280. I know, not impressive ha.
I manage to get 2 outdoor rides in a week, usually ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours with 700 to 1100 metres of elevation.
I love to strength train, and I am in the gym 1 to 3 days a week, primarily on compound lifts, squats, deads, cleans etc.
I am in the early stages of the low volume build phase, and there are days where i lack the motivation to get on the trainer inside for 75 or 90 minutes of v02 max or threshold work. I will opt to go to the gym and have a strength training day and either skip or push that workout. While the extra gym day increases my leg fatigue/ soreness, it provides me mentally with a restart.

Is skipping those trainer days impeding my potential for a greater ftp, or is doing something productive in the gym better than draggin myself through the workout scheduled. All to make those IPA’s more worth it. Hoping for some insight from @chad


Yes if you skip regularly.

I too strength train but I am focused on increasing my FTP so I’m prioritizing bike workouts to gym workouts. When I’m not focusing on an event, I might choose to hit the gym over the bike and put the bike into maintenance mode.

What is your priority?

What I have been doing is adding a gym day to the day I do my V02 max workouts on the bike. I ride first then do the gym work. My legs aren’t as fresh but I get through it. My gym gains are not what they would be if I prioritized the gym but that’s something I’m willing to live with.

So you have to decide if you want to boost the FTP, boost the gym gains or shoot for a balance of both (sacfrificing your ability to hit your peak in either).

Without knowing how busy you are outside of training with work/life/family etc - hard to give any sort of insightful advice.
But here’s mine as someone who does strength training and riding the bike a lot: I put a priority on the bike then go to the gym or do my strength training. I recover quickly and use my space boots everyday though and in between sessions. Recovery shake and get as much sleep as possible.

Thanks. Off to do Spanish needle is guess