Drip Drop Hydration Additive

Has anyone ever used the Drip Drop Hydration Powder “sticks?”
We are considering a bulk purchase for our construction field crews to help combat heat related injuries & dehydration during these hot summer months. Curious how they compare to Skratch or some of the other products frequently mentioned.
Thanks in advance.

Sugar, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Seems pretty standard for an electrolyte mix. 8oz serving makes it a decent concentration of electrolytes at least, but I imagine each person would need several in a day?

My brother just bought some stuff. Hes sedentary and pretty obsessive. He believes hes short on electrolytes because he pees a lot when he drinks water shrug

I tried to explain that there isn’t much special about it. Maybe the mag and potassium is beneficial but its about as much potassium in a banana. I do think it’s a quality product though, not a whole lot of dyes or sugar.