Selection of electrolyte solution

First of all, I live in China, I can’t refer to other posts described on the raw materials to buy electrolyte solution DIY, but I found such goods in the drugstore, I can easily buy, 1 packet of such punch, the price is 0.078 U.S. dollars, I am losing weight, so I can long z2 training more, summer is coming, the temperature rises need a lot of hydration and electrolytes, I put this The ingredients of this product are listed below, I hope I can ask you to help me see if it makes sense

Each packet weighs 14.75g: contains 1.1g of glucose, 1.75g of sodium chloride, 0.75g of potassium chloride and 1.25g of sodium bicarbonate
To use, dissolve it in 500ml of water and drink

Is this formula reasonable for electrolytes and is glucose intake too high if I train at night, after all I am on a diet and of course I know that glucose intake is necessary

1.75g of NaCl is a lot of salt. So if this is for long, hot rides then it might be okay but is probably overkill for anything under 2 hours. Also 1.1g of glucose is literally nothing. The generally recommended intake is 70-100g/hr of carbs (about half of which would be glucose).

Do you normally ride with a carb drink? If you do, it might already have salt in it and if it’s not enough then you can just add ~1/4 tsp of regular table salt to it.

I usually drink only water for rides under an hour, but I feel dehydrated more easily than my friends, and for rides longer than 90 minutes, I buy SIS electrolyte powder or bottled electrolyte liquid in advance. It contains sugar, of course, as a source of energy. For rides longer than two hours, I would feel that I didn’t have enough energy and would need to supplement with SIS gel.
Of course, I would prefer to have a better riding experience at a lower cost. If you think the sodium chloride content is high, perhaps I could use 1000ml of water instead of the 500ml indicated in the instructions. on the other hand, if I use this product for non-summer rides, will the sodium chloride overload bring any harm to my body? I am in China and table salt contains high levels of iodine and I remember to avoid high intake of such ingredients.

My idea is that such goods as electrolyte powder, I think its price is quite low.
For longer rides, I am considering adding carbohydrates as a supplement to.
Use maltose extract: fructose mixed in a 2:1 or even 4:1 ratio (I don’t like it particularly sweet, so I reduce the fructose ratio, or I use honey instead of fructose), and to adjust the taste, add turelemon.
Then depending on the length of the ride, I can fill small plastic bottles per 100g of weight. I previously considered using bananas, but found that they are particularly vulnerable to damage during outdoor rides, so if I were training indoors I would probably just eat bananas and drink electrolyte solution

For rides longer than an hour and a half or two definitely be eating carbs, not only do you need them for energy but carbs also drag water along with them from the gut into the body so they help with hydrations as well.

For the Sodium, if it is particularly hot and/or humid where you live then that sodium content might not be too much for rides of 1.5-2hr. I probably wouldn’t use it year round as you most likely aren’t sweating so much that you would need all that sodium. Idk what the health implications would be for the high sodium other than if you do it every single day you might run into blood pressure issues.

As for the iodine, in the US we can get table salt with or without it in the stores. It might be sold under other labels like sea salt or something but it is the exact same NaCl.

Again, definitely add carbs for longer rides. Yeah, fructose can be pretty sweet. Maybe experiment with regular table sugar. It is Sucrose which is 1:1 glucose to fructose and is typically less sweet than fructose.

Yeah bananas are great but you need to eat them toward the beginning of the ride or they start to get mushy against your back.


Use more water with it. You’re looking at almost 2000mg sodium per liter with your current formulation, just from NaCl. That’s pretty high. The sodium bicarbonate adds even more sodium.

Increase fluid up to 600-800mL with your current sodium dose. (ballpark mental estimate)

More info here: How To DOSE Sodium For Endurance - YouTube

And, @mwglow15 gave good advice.

The potassium chloride amount in this product is a bit higher than necessary. Two negatives there, both would be reason to consume even a bit more water:

  1. it adds chloride, increasing GI distress risk.
  2. higher potassium than necessary, increases osmolarity, increasing GI distress risk.

Both are minor. Just add more water.

Thank you very much for the advice, this video is great. Considering the high dietary intake of salt in my area (in fact some nutritionists recommend that our diets use as little salt as possible) and the fact that I have never experienced cramps during exercise, the 2000mg na is really high for me. Therefore, I would consider adding this supplement to 3 times the recommended amount of water, which means 1.5L of water (or at least 1L), so that the electrolytes should be perfect.
For longer rides, say more than 1.5 hours, I would consider supplementing with maltose:fructose 2:1.