Electrolytes Suggestions


Any recommendations on Electrolytes, I have been using Nuun and Skratch and would like other suggestions.

Nuun: not really loving the taste.
Skratch: too much sugar.

I like Ultima replenisher. No sugar and it tastes way better than others I’ve tried


+1 For Ultima!

Love most if not all the flavors!

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i like the vega hydrator, but it’s a little expensive for me to use all the time. :unamused:

You can also buy bulk electrolyte powder (way cheaper!) and mix it with whatever you like.


SIS do a variety of nice fizzy tablets


Precision Hydration or Infinit Nutrition


I’ve been using liquid IV recently. Love the individual serving sachets


Great for ‘general’ hydration but only like 50mg of sodium per serving. Not sure its exactly tailored for endurance athletes.

+1 for SIS. Easy on the pallet, easy on the gut and easy on the wallet.

One of the cheapest, 100 servings for 6 euros.



Same here. Cheap and effective.
I throw it in a 2:1 mix of Maltodextrine and Fructose (also from Bulkpowders) and that’s all you need.


My choice for electrolytes only is Dextro Energy Zero Calories. I like the bubbles and the taste of the lime. Not sweet at all. Besides they are not so expensive.

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Hammer products in general aren’t my thing but I can’t remember how many times supplementing with endurolytes has helped me reduce or avoid cramps.

Skratch works for me most rides.

I also have successfully used Precision Hydration 1000 prior to tough races and that worked well too

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Considering I get more than enough Sodium from just everyday eating, I’ve used Ultima on dozens of long hot rides without issue.

Same can be said for any electrolytes… not enough of this, too much of that.

End of the day these are all Supplements and should be used as such.


Make your own, tastes how you want then. There’s an Empirical Cycling podcast with a recipe but you have to bulk buy the ingredients but they’ll last you a long time.

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i have used Skratch since Lim released to the public. Started added additional sodium as I need more. Still plan on trying Precision Hydration 1500 when get closer to possible racing. Or when it gets hotter.

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The three that work for me:

  1. Heed, strawberry flavor. On longer events I’ll carry two bottles with Heed, shorter rides, just one.
  2. Clif Blocks, margarita flavored. I try to take in a block every 15 minutes or so but doesn’t always work out that way.
  3. GU roctane gels, vanilla orange flavor. About 1 per hour on long events.

I used to cramp pretty bad, even just doing a 2 hour cross country mountain bike race, but with the above and a lot more riding/training over the years I rarely if ever have issues nowadays and I’ve done some pretty long events–100 mile gravel and 50-60 mile mountain bike races.

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Hammer nutrition do some good products in fizzier tablet but also capsules for self feeding on the go.

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The electrolyte activity drinks are pretty good. The Passion Fruit one isn’t too sweet. Plus it has caffeine.
In addition, the recovery vanilla cinnamon is fantastic.

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