Past completed workouts in Training Peaks

My coach needs to see all my past TR completed workouts in TP. How do I do that? I synched the accounts but it works for planned TR workouts only.

I’d only know how to do it one by one (Downloading a single ride from TR, the 3 dots and then importing it to TP, I think you can drag a whole load of workouts in one go to the TP calendar) which will be a lengthy process, in the download at least. might know a way to do a bulk download of history.

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Only Garmin will sync your history to TrainingPeaks. Everything else needs to be manually exported and imported to TP. Once you have your files, you can bulk import to TP but I would recommend doing in small bunches.

For TR please see this article:

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It looks like Scott was able to help you in Support! :tada:

For clarification, once you set up Ride Sync with TrainingPeaks, all of your TrainerRoad workouts (planned and unplanned) completed after syncing the two accounts will sync over to TrainingPeaks. Your TrainerRoad workout history that was completed prior to setting up RideSync with TrainingPeaks, will not sync over automatically.

To do this, you’ll have to push those rides manually. To sync individual TR rides to TP, follow these steps:

  1. Select the workout you’d like to Sync to TrainingPeaks from your Calendar.
  2. Click the TrainingPeaks icon from the options at the bottom of the Ride Details page. See the screenshot below.
  3. Done! Your past TR Workout should now be in TrainingPeaks.

If you have hundreds of TrainerRoad Workouts, this can be tedious, to say the least! If this is the case, you are welcome to shoot us an email at, and we can help you out!

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Thanks all! Very useful.
I noticed a one day lag between my TP workouts and TR. Not sure why…

Hello Sarah, I do, I already emailed them but it would be good if you could bulk sync for me…? Thanks a lot

It looks like Scott was able to send your entire TrainerRoad ride history in bulk to you earlier today.

After downloading your ride history onto your computer, you should be able to upload that file onto your TrainingPeaks career. Here’s a Support article from TrainingPeaks on how to do this:


I’m attempting to get all my old data into TP. I have TR synced to Garmin Connect and I have TP and GC connected. It seems that GC is not sending any of my TR data to TP. Is there anyway to force this to happen or do I need to do a bulk download/upload?

That’s correct. The Garmin 5-year history sync to TrainingPeaks is for Garmin recorded workouts only. TR, Zwift, Rouvy, etc, despite being in GC, will not send to TrainingPeaks. There is no way to force it. Garmin controls what they send and have chosen to only send Garmin recorded workouts only.

You would need to bulk export your TR history from TR, then click, drag, and drop into TP

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