Can I export all my TR data to Training Peaks (specifically WKO)?

Golden Cheetah is not importing my Strava data again.

I have instelled the WKO demo but I can’t figure out how to get my historic TR data to Training Peaks and into WKO.

I connected RideSync, but I thought I read it will only push new workouts to TP.

Anybody have a workflow for this?
Anybody have an alternate tool besides GC or WKO they can suggest for some analysis?


i recently linked my trainerroad and strava with trainingpeaks with tapiriik. worked flawless

When you export for TR, do you get just the TR workouts, or all workout data (ie outside rides that have been uploaded or synced from other sources?

I’ve been wanting to create a local ‘master’ repository of all my workout data. I have some in Connect, some on Wahoo, some in TR. I think it’s all in Strava, but Strava isn’t a reliable place to host it now that they are playing games with other services (aka Relive). I’ve also been disappointed that historical data won’t sync, which is often what I want, especially if trying out things like Xert, etc.

I’m wondering how other people do this. I’m concerned that if it will be easy for me to get duplicate entries, and hard to remove them. I guess I should look if Golden Cheetah has a way to find duplicates.
(I’ve been doing a bunch of power meter/trainer correlation, and removing the duplicate workouts is a manual process, so it’s easy to miss some.)

Ok, I checked it out. Can you do a one time sync then disconnect tapriik?
To sure I want to give a solo,pet own all my password…


I used Strava to export all my historic data to 2015 and was able to drag and drop the source files in Training Peaks and WKO. Ride Sync is now syncing new workouts. But the historic data is not bringing perceived exertion across from my outdoor rides (probably not stored in Strava). So I would have to go through all the TP workouts and select the perceived stress ratings again. Not great.

Does anyone know if there is am way to export all Trainer Road workout files in one operation? (Not one by one)

Here’s what I did:

  1. EXPORT all data form Strava.
  2. Drag-Drop all data to Training Peaks
  3. Set up WKO, added new athlete, THEN you need to link the new athlete to the Training Peaks user in the same dialogue
  4. Set-up Ride Sync Trainer Road to Training Peaks
  5. Already have Trainer Road uploading to Strava
  6. Now Trainer Road is pushing data to Strava and Training Peaks.
  7. I will also try to sync to Dropbox now as an archive destination.


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