Double Days & Sweet Spot Base

The recent podcast that discussed double workout days got me thinking.

I am currently doing Sweet Spot Base 1 Low Volume. Over the Christmas period I will have two weeks off from work which means I will have the opportunity to spend some more time on the bike. SSB1 will conclude during the first week and I was planning on starting SSB2 the following.

I will preface the following questions/thoughts by saying that I live in Australia and our Summer could well and truly be in full effect by then.

Couple of questionsI have:

  1. Week 6 of SSB (week 1 of time off - Christmas week essentially) is a recovery week. Could some easy rides outdoors on most days be suitable?
  2. Can you go from SSB 1 Low Volume to SSB2 - Mid Volume?
  3. If sticking to SSB2 - Low - would padding the off days with easy rides be recommended?
  4. Or would adding easy days to workout days to create doubles be advised? And if so, what would be the optimal timing. Trainerroad workout AM and outdoor recover ride PM? Mindful that the day could get quite hot by the PM which would make either session challenging.

Thanks in advance.