Double 120 min workout in sweet spot base mv2?

Hi there,
I’m on an extended training plan without target event and in the second cycle in sweet spot base mv2. In week 2,3,4 there are two 120min workouts scheduled on Sundays. Is this correct? I could not find any reference of double workouts in training plans anywhere. Apart from it being unlikely that I manage to get 4 hours time to train with my two small kids, I doubt, whether that is intentional or a glitch in my calender?!
Thanks for any advice!

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It’d probably be easier to diagnose with a picture of your calendar but I’m gonna say it’s a glitch. Non of the stock TR plans have double days. If you are using plan builder maybe you accidentally moved one of the workout blocks to be on the same day as another but it could also just be a bug.

If you look at the Sweet Spot Base MV2 plan you can probably figure out which workout is supposed to be on Saturday and which on Sunday.

Any chance that you had added a plan previously, made any edits (like dragging workouts to different days) and then deleted it? This can leave some workouts behind when you delete a plan. So it could be leftover from a prior plan.

Thanks! Probably that’s what happened, I did have some other plans and I may had dragged some workouts accidentally. Sunday saved :wink: